5 Ways to Bring Vacation Vibes Into Your Home When You Can’t Get Away

It’s no secret that our environment affects our mood and overall outlook. You know that laid-back, blissed-out vacation version of you? You may be able to bring her home by setting some sensory cues in place. Here, five little ways to channel OOO happiness in your own home.

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1. Add Decor That Alludes To Your Happy Place

One great way to remind yourself of your favorite vacation spot is by copying some of its signature design notes—in tasteful micro-doses, of course. Think: adding a few wicker or rattan accent pieces that bring to mind the beach, or perhaps highlighting some found objects (shells, driftwood). You can take this one step further by having them framed or mounted as a true art piece.

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2. Capture Sense Of Place With Scent

The easiest way to create getaway vibes within your home? With a relaxing aroma that evokes a day spent at your favorite vacation destination the moment it hits your senses. For long-lasting fragrance (seriously, the refills last up to 50 days), consider the stylishly redesigned Glade® PlugIns® Scented Oils. With notes of warm beachwood, plumeria and tropical fruits, a scent like Hawaiian Breeze™ is the next best thing to spending a day at the beach.

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3. Make Your Bed Like A Posh Hotel

There’s just something about hotel beds: The sheets are crisper, the corner tucks are snugger, and the pillows are fluffier. All of which results in a decadent feeling the minute you sink into one. A friendly reminder that you can re-create this in your own bedroom with a little extra effort. Invest in quality sheets (Egyptian or Supima cotton) and new pillows (they’re supposed to be replaced every few years, anyway), and learn how to make the bed like a professional with perfect hospital corners and all.

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4. ...and Spa-ify Your Bathroom

Similarly, there’s no reason your bath shouldn’t feel (almost) as peaceful and luxurious as a high-end spa. Swap your standard showerhead for a rain head (no reno necessary). Edit down your toiletries so that you only have lovely, matching ones on display. And consider upping the presentation of some of your utilitarian items (see: a chic tissue-box cover and a drawstring bag for your hair dryer to live in). Don’t forget to treat yourself to a big, fluffy bathrobe!

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5. Bring Nature In

Our internal clocks crave nature in all its forms. (Just look at the popularity of forest bathing.) With this in mind, it’s no wonder that we automatically unwind when we find ourselves by the sea or on a lake or deep in the woods. The fix at home? Bring as much of the outdoors in as possible, both via living things—like houseplants and cut flowers—and through aesthetic decisions that maximize natural elements. For example, we’re big fans of skipping window treatments (in rooms where privacy isn’t an issue) in favor of outside views and tons of vitamin D–rich sunshine.

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