Home Depot Halloween Decorations Are the Best Decorations: Here’s 10 of Our Faves

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Home Depot Halloween Decorations are the Best Decorations: Here’s 10 of Our Faves
Home Depot

For some, the coming of fall means PSLs and family hayrides. But if you’re anything like us, it means preparing your home for the most [spooky] time of the year. Indeed, Halloween is right around the corner, and Home Depot is hiding a slew of can’t-miss decor. We’re talking everything from giant-sized spiders and clowns to jack-o-lanterns—and of course, tons of motion-activated characters with red LED eyes. So, if you're goal is to be the most terrifying house on the block this year (or you’re simply looking for a few festive pumpkins), see below for 10 festive additions you won’t want to miss before they inevitably go out of stock.

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  • Pros: Affordable price-point, easy to click into place, high-quality materials 
  • Cons: On/off switch has no timer, batteries wear out quickly 

Looking to create your own haunted house this year? Try using this six-pack of LED Skeletons that stand five-feet tall (an alternative to the brand’s best-selling Giant-Sized Skeleton, which is currently out of stock). Each is crafted with adjustable limbs, where you can manipulate their poseable arms, legs, hands, and feet into various positions (aka perfect for suspending on porches, ceilings or doorways). They’re also enhanced by red LED eyes for an extra eerie touch—and a battery-operated design ensures cord-free placement anywhere in your yard.  

  • Pros: oversized, realistic design with hairy legs, adjustable posable legs, easy to assemble 
  • Cons: sound is loud, joints can be difficult to move/prone to breaking 

Get ready to send shivers down your neighborhood’s spine with this eight-foot colossal spider. The lifelike creepy crawler is perfect for parties, boasting motion sensors that trigger sound when people pass by and realistic detailing, including hairy legs and eerie glowing LED eyes (battery operated). Its posable legs and motion-activated effects also intensify as people pass by, while its durable waterproof construction ensures it’ll hold up against the elements when displayed on your lawn.  

  • Pros: lights have a timer, flame flickers so it looks real, battery operated 
  • Cons: charge on the battery doesn’t last long  

Set the stage for a spooktacular walkway with this three-pack of LED Jack-O-Lantern lights with timers. The pumpkins emit a festive, eerie glow, while the timer function ensures they illuminate after dark and switch off during daylight. They’re intricately crafted, featuring meticulous rotted finishes and creepy grins, while the weatherproof LED lights are battery-powered (so no need for ugly extension cords on the lawn). Simply stick them along the walkway with the included stakes for quick installation.  

  • Pros: voice sound effects are loud and clear, simple set up, motion activated movements are realistic, eyes light up 
  • Cons: might need to use filler to keep it upright/prevent from hunching over 

What would spooky season be without a clown that triggers your PTSD from It? With adjustable arms and a head fitted with motors, the clown’s movement is also enhanced by spine-tingling pre-recorded phrases, like: “Hey! You look familiar… maybe that’s because I’ve been hiding under your bed.” A built-in motion sensor triggers LED lights, sounds, and animatronic motions, while the eyes are brought to life by menacing red LEDs. The adjustable stand, composed of collapsible plastic and metal rods, ensures that it will also hold up against the elements (and be super easy to disassemble and store for Next year).  

  • Pros: pumpkins are weighted so they won’t fall over, stack inside of each other for easy storage, weather resistant and won’t chip over time 
  • Cons: fragile and prone to dents and scratches  

Painted in customary black, orange and white and adorned with stripe, diamond, and dot patterns, these creatively designed pumpkins will be sure to bring a festive touch to your décor. The stackable, various-sized pumpkins can be used together or individually—and they even stack inside of each other for easy storage. Meaning, you can display them as a 3-set on your porch, or break them up to showcase on your mantel or kitchen table, since the pumpkins are suitable for both indoor and [covered] outdoor use. 

  • Pros: high-quality construction, smooth motion-activated movements, plastic mechanism over the base prevents the dress from gettingcaught, loud speaker, includes step pad 
  • Cons: no assembly instructions on the box (have to look online) 

OK, Halloween cinephiles, this one goes out to you. This animatronic takes The Nightmare Before Christmas to the next level with a six-foot, motion-activated Sally character you can display inside or on your lawn (in a covered area). It features swaying head and arm movements, elevating the scare factor—and the rendition of ’ally's haunting song from the film sets the perfect holiday tone. It’s also designed for durability, so she’s both sturdy and easy to disassemble for storage.  

  • Pros: solid and doesn’t shake or sway in the wind, realistic movements, volume control on the sound 
  • Cons: attaching the wings is difficult and might require two people 

If you haven’t noticed by now, massive animatronics are a must-have if you’re going all-out with your Halloween decor. Enter: This 9-foot LED inflatable. Its motion-triggered mouth and head movements, accompanied by eerie growls, promise to unsettle trick-or-treaters—and the creature's massive 12.5-foot. wingspan, aglow in a menacing red, adds an extra layer of excitement. And of course, all you need is an exterior outlet to bring trigger this guy’s built-in motion sensors.  

  • Pros: creates an antique vibe, triggered flash bulb, speaks and plays music, battery operated  
  • Cons: no volume control 

This antique-inspired camera boasts a motion detector that triggers a series of haunting effects: flashing bulbs, a red-glowing skull, and the playback of voices and the song "Somebody's Watching You," accompanied by a Grim Reaper image that pops up twice. It’s powered by three AA batteries (not included), and it’s a perfect small-space solution for anyone who doesn’t have space for a 14+ foot animatronic in their tiny apartment.  

  • Pros: animations make it lively, motion sensors work well, sound is loud and clear, arms can be moved in small clicks 
  • Cons: some found it flimsy and needed sand bags to keep it propped up 

Another colossal character that’ll dominate your yard? This animated Jack Skellington, which carries an imposing 13-foot height. Sure, its movements have an uncannily lifelike effect, but the singing and dancing add a dose of playfulness (so you won’t give your elderly neighbors a heart attack). Either way, with interchangeable headpieces, glowing LEDs and motion-triggered features, it's sure to make for a standout attraction. Simply plug into the nearest exterior outlet to activate the built-in motion sensors, which bring this guy’s head and mouth to life. 

10. Home Accents Holiday Fog Machine

Home Accents Holiday

  • Pros: fog quickly fills large areas, easy to use with remote control, doesn’t leave stains on walls or furniture inside, can be mounted 
  • Cons: operates in short spurts  

Powered by a 1000-watt motor, this coffin-shaped fog generator releases an eerie mist that packs a visual impact for your ghostly setup. It features a black coffin-shaped frame with chilling skeleton accents—and it’s equipped with a convenient remote control and integrated wired switch for easy operation. Plug it into the nearest power outlet for hassle-free activation (and just be sure to place it somewhere covered, if you’re putting this guy on display outside).  

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