The 2022 Home Trend We Really Didn't See Coming

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In 1978, Gianni Versace blessed the world with bold, Hellenistic designs that became synonymous with ‘70s- and ‘80s-era decadence. And oh, how we yearn for the days of Studio 54. As we head into year three of the pandemic, we can all agree: The dystopian nightmare we’re calling “reality” is starting to feel like the never-ending party from hell. That said, it makes sense why retro aesthetics and storybook-style escape rooms are exploding in interiors: We’re yearning for a decade that’s filled with carefree galivanting and the IDGAF mentality that comes with it. So, what’s the name of the game for decor trends in 2022? Revamping our homes to reflect the strength, resilience and individuality of Greek gods and goddesses—while, of course, keeping things as luxurious as possible. Pinterest is calling the trend “Hellenistic revival,” and it’s combining the best of nostalgic design with Greek opulence.

“Hellenistic revival pays homage to ancient Greek motifs,” explains designer Karen B. Wolf. “From bust statues and Corinthian cornices to gold, blue, black and white palettes, Aphrodite imagery and vessels from ancient times. Timeless and classic, this trend’s historical roots feel right for 2022.” Read on for everything you need to know about getting the look, plus some of our favorite picks to shop now.

Mark Our Words, This Will Be The #1 Home Trend Of 2022

hellenistic revival greek trim

1. Greek Trims And Corinthian Columns

As we mentioned before, Hellenistic revival is about transforming your home into a temple. How does one do this? Ornate. Architecture. Take it from the photo above, which includes everything from intricate moldings and beveled ceiling medallions. However, this doesn’t mean you should start tearing down walls; we doubt a “Parthenon-palace style” interior will add to your home’s ROI. So instead, we’d recommend DIYing the look with some peel-and-stick millwork that can be easily removed (without ruining the paint).

Shop Removable Millwork: Primed Polyurethane Crown Moulding (from $38), Berkshire Ceiling Medallion ($80), Berkshire Corbel ($12)

hellenistic revival trends busts and statue art

2. Busts And Statue Art

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but those female body candles and bum vases you collected during peak lockdown season are *out* in 2022. Those designs may feel a little overplayed, but if you still want to celebrate the human form in a more timeless way, opt for more detailed, Greek-inspired sculptures. Plus, then you can bring gods, goddesses and epic heroes into your artwork and decor—and choose the ones whose mythological powers best embody the energy you’d like to bring into the year ahead (click here for a cheat sheet). So, feel free to repurpose your curvy busts as jewelry holders and give the gods your decor’s full attention (or risk bad juju for life).

Shop Busts and Statues: Mini David Bust Statue Sculpture ($15) Set of 10 Mini Greek Figurine Statues ($33), Greek Statue of David - Resin Bust ($21)

hellenistic revival trend wallpaper

3. Neoclassical-inspired Wallpaper

Chintz and chinoiserie has been particularly popular over the past few years, but lately, we’ve been noticing a moodier, more romantic take on the aesthetic: One that embodies Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, lust, beauty and passion. Her symbols include roses, doves, sparrows and myrtle, and her colors reflect a Grecian sunset (i.e., emerald, aqua, pale green, red, pink, violet and any shade of blue), which make for a whimsical backdrop for any room.

If you’re looking for Aphrodite wallpaper, keep an eye out for floral patterns, songbird motifs and soft, feminine hues (or just go with one of our picks below).

Shop Aphrodite Wallpaper: Rifle Paper Co. Peacock Wallpaper ($122), Garden Bird Trail Wallpaper ($3 per square foot), Buckwalter Paradise Birds Wallpaper Roll ($1.25 per square foot), Athens Greek Pottery Wallpaper ($4.40 per square foot)

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