This Common Home Layout Is the Kiss of Death, According to Real Estate Agents

Peter Carlsson/Getty Images

You've got the white picket fence, the original bay windows and the shady oak right off the patio. The problem? Cross the threshold and step into the entryway and—wtf?—there's a kitchen there to greet you.

As anyone who's ever lived in (or visited) a home with this configuration can attest, it kinda feels like a wacky feng shui experiment gone wrong. And according to MVP real estate agent Noemi Bitterman of Warburg Realty, a front door that opens into a kitchen is the one layout that can seriously turn off potential home buyers.

We recently caught up with Bitterman to discuss other home-selling red flags, from a real estate agent's POV, and she had this to say on entrances that lead to the kitchen: “This will signal to buyers 'I will always have to keep my kitchen clean!' and may really turn them off."

We know—moving or closing off the kitchen is no small renovation project. But in Bitterman's view, this fatal layout flaw is honestly worth a rethink.