Mark Our Words, This Design Trend Is the Shiplap of 2022

If the unfortunate fate of shiplap—and modern farmhouse as a whole—has taught us anything, it’s that design is cyclical, and what’s ‘new’ will eventually become ‘cheugy.’ The latest architectural trend we’re noticing everywhere? Doorway arches.

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So, what exactly is a doorway arch? Basically, it’s a curved structure that mimics the shape of, you guessed it, a rounded arch. It’s an architectural detail that’s been around for centuries, but in recent years, we’ve noticed a serious resurgence of on TikTok, from DIY decals to painted accent walls (more on this below). In 2022, however, the look is getting overhauled with sophisticated materials, colors and patterns that ​​add dimension and intrigue (much like our once-beloved shiplap). Think: grand, full-wall arches with wooden frames and narrow, tile-trimmed doorways with contrasting details.

And unlike the traditional, white-trimmed arches we saw in 80s and 90s kitchens, designers today are using them in unexpected places. From soft arches that can elevate an open floor plan to roman-arched shower doors, see below for how to bring the arched doorway look home (plus one trend that’s on its way out).

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The roman arch (AKA the ‘semi-circle’) is an exact semi-circle at the top of a doorway. It’s most synonymous with the “arch du jour/decade,” according to interior designer Emily Henderson. “We love how simple it is and [that it] feels just as good in a really contemporary space.”

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The gothic arch is a slimmer, sharper curve that’s formed by two segments. “Think church archways that meet at a point. This can be trickier in many architectural styles, but if you are into churches then go for it,” says Henderson.

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Woven Abode


Unlike the roman, the soft arch is wider and less continuous. Henderson says, “It goes up straight, then has a lower and more elongated arch. I think this looks so pretty in Georgian or colonial-style homes.”

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Remember those painted arches that have been trending on TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest? While everyone can appreciate a creative DIY, it’s not always, uh, practical. “As cute and economical as [painted arches] are, they are also distinctly 2021,” Michelle Nelson, a podcaster and blogger at Build Your House Yourself University, tells “The painted arch will likely be one of those infamous design elements that is so strongly associated with a moment in time that including one in your home will significantly date your space once the trend has passed.”

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