40 Useful But Random Things to Buy on Amazon (Plus a Few PureWow Staffers Swear By)

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What do a microwave cleaner, a massage stick and an ice roller have in common? They’re all useful but totally random things to buy on Amazon. With roughly 12 million items to shop across the mega-retailer's pages, there a ton of buried treasures just waiting to be found each and every day. But how does one separate the gems from the junk?

The best random Amazon discoveries will be ones that make your life easier in some way, even if it's something you didn't know you needed (we're looking at you, YogaToes!). They should also be simple and functional, and essentially, make you want to shout their merits to the very rooftops. We've dug deep into the depths of the site to ferret out those exact types of unexpected-yet-genius items that will become indispensable in your lives—just ask the countless Amazon shoppers and PureWow staffers who simply can’t get enough of them!

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random things to buy on amazon yogatoes
Dara Katz

1. Yogatoes Gel Toe Separator

Best for those with foot pain

If you have foot pain and swelling induced by flat feet and no amount of orthotics seem to offer relief, then these squishy apparatuses may be exactly what you need. Essentially, these allow you to take a break from the too-narrow shoes of the modern day that squish our toes together in an unnatural way by spreading your little piggies out to breathe. PureWow Executive Editor Dara Katz swears by them, and puts them on for at least 15 minutes a day. “As soon as I took them off, my feet felt anew," she wrote in her review. "The swelling went down and the pain disappeared." Thousands of 5-star Amazon reviews back her statements, with many coming from dancers, shoppers with bunions, plantar fasciitis and more.

random things to boy on amazon ostrich pillow

2. Ostrich Pillow

Best for the overtired

While this one may look...interesting, it's actually a practical invention that will allow you to snooze just about anywhere, be it an office or an airplane. This is all thanks to the unique design that's meant to mimic an "immersive cocoon." With openings for your mouth and hands, this pillow cushions your head and neck while blocking out light for a real life “do not disturb” mode. Best of all, reviewers say it gets the job done.

random things to buy on amazon taco toaster

3. The Original Taco Toaster

Best for taco fanatics

If you've ever wanted crispy tortillas without having to fry them or dip them in unhealthy oil, you have something in common with the creators of the Taco Toaster. This genius accessory, which is compatible with most standard toasters, allows you to brown the thin shell and safely remove it from your machine with the attached handle. According to Amazon shoppers, it also yields some pretty delicious results.

random things to buy on amazon angry mama

4. Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Best for neat freaks

Associate Director of Influencer Marketing Noel Pescetto says this little device is essential when it comes to cleaning the microwave. “It’s such a time saver and the angry mom design makes me laugh every time,” she says. All you have to do is fill it up with some water and vinegar, pop it in the microwave for five to seven minutes, wipe the walls and turntable down and boom—your microwave will look good as new!

random things to buy on amazon toothpaste

5. Wekitty Wall-mounted Toothpaste Dispenser

Best for mess-makers

Have little ones that are constantly losing the toothpaste cap or making a mess when they're brushing their teeth? This automatic toothpaste dispenser will be a lifesaver. It comes with a vacuum pump that will dole out the perfect amount of paste for bristles. "This has truly been a life saver," raved one mom. "It helps eliminate the mess my 4- and 5- year-old make with the toothpaste. I highly recommend for those that have kids." It mounts to your bathroom wall and has included magnetic holders for two brushes and two tubes of toothpaste, 2 cups for mouthwash and extra compartments for other bathroom essentials, such as razors. In addition to being practical, it will cut down on any potential waste, making it an Earth-conscious choice, too.

random things to buy on amazon ez off

6. Ez Off Jar Opener

Best for those with arthritis

For those with less than Hulk-like hands who may struggle to open jars, there's this mountable jar opener. To use it, simply adhere it under a cabinet with screws, place the jar in the V-shaped opening, which has jagged teeth for gripping, and twist. It's discreet and out of sight and makes for an ideal gift for the elderly or those with arthritis.

random things to buy on amazon dblosp

7. Dblosp Ice Roller

Best for those with TMJ

Stick this baby in the freezer and pull it out whenever you're having jaw pain or headaches from TMJ, both of which we found some relief from after just five minutes of use. According to the Mayo Clinic, this gadget, which features an icy rolling head, likely works to treat pain because ice causes “blood vessels to constrict, which helps reduce swelling." As an added bonus, we found this tool works wonders for a puffy cry-face or under-eyes that could use a few more hours of shut-eye. All this for $6? Sold.

random things to buy on amazon maytex

8. Maytex Shower Liner With Pockets

Best for the space-conscious

No space in your shower or bathtub? There's a solution for that. Not only does this shower liner keep water from getting on the floor, it also comes with nine convenient clear storage pockets for all your bathing needs, such as razors, shampoo, soap and more: Each one holds up to 1 pound! “We are apartment living, so storage is always an issue, and the bathroom is no exception," one buyer shared. "This is a game changer. There are so many pockets with so much room in each, I actually have space left over.”

random things to buy on amazon honeywell

9. Honeywell Ht-900 Turboforce Air Fan

Best for the workaholic

Whether you're back in the office or making it work from home, Managing Editor of Branded Content Rachel Gulmi says you can't go wrong with a mini desk fan. "I’ve gotten so many PureWow editors hooked on [them],” she says. This Honeywell version in particular boasts a whopping 80,000+ reviews on the site for its three speeds and 90-degree pivoting head that the company claims is powerful enough to be felt from nearly 30 feet away. It can even be mounted to the wall to keep it from messing up your current work setup.

random things to buy on amazon finger protectors

10. Chip Fingertip Protectors

Best for snacking fiends

If you love snacking (who doesn't?) but hate the sticky, dusty, greasy fingers that go along with it, say hello to these little finger utensils. These durable silicone tips slip on and off your digits to keep them squeaky clean while you munch away on chips, popcorn, pizza and more. Better yet? They’re one size fits all, so you won’t have to worry about them getting stuck. “Found these to be very useful," one shopper noted. "These tips are helpful when I am busy working and need to squeeze in time to eat. I can continue working without worrying about getting dirty fingers on the keyboard or papers.” Genius!

best things to buy on amazon flexispot

11. Flexispot Workstation Desk Bike

Best for the multitasker

Strapped for time? Why not kill two birds with one stone with this TikTok-famous exercise bike and desk combo? It comes with a platform that's large enough to fit your laptop, reportedly pedals noiselessly and has eight difficulty levels to help you burn calories while you're working or watching TV. In short? You’ll have no excuse to skip leg day. Some even claim that it helps you to concentrate better!

random things to buy on amazon gardening gloves jpg

12. Nnbb Fingertip Garden Gloves

Best for the gardener

Sure, these strange-looking gloves might make you feel like a badger, but if you’re an avid gardener who's not a fan of getting your hands dirty, they'll also be your jam. The sturdy, waterproof rubber fingers will help you dig through weeds and make holes to plant your flowers in, according to reviewers. Wrote one happy buyer, “I don't even need a tool to dig. The sharp pointy finger is very hard and very sturdy and does the digging for me.”

random things to buy on amazon aquapaw

13. Aquapaw Treat-dispensing Licking Mat

Best for anxiety-ridden dogs

If you’re worried about leaving your pup home alone after so much time spent together in quarantine, you might consider this silicone, suction cup device. Simply fill it with a tasty treat to keep your pet preoccupied with licking, as it's designed to slow down eating. According to studies cited by PetMD, licking may release endorphins that can soothe anxiety in dogs, making this tool a handy distraction. Reviewers say it's even helped with bathtime.

random things to buy on amazon fur oil

14. Fur Oil

Best for bumpy babes

Ingrown hairs, bumps and irritation from waxing or shaving will be no match for this vegan oil. With a gentle formula that's Shark Tank-approved, it's said to not only decrease the risk of ingrown hairs, but also reduces redness and irritation while softening the skin. It's ideal for the bikini area, but can also be used on other areas of the body, as a bath oil, for tattoo aftercare, softening cuticles and repairing split ends.

random amazon products 9

15. Do A Dot Art! Markers

Best for the work-from-home mom

Director of special projects, Rachel Bowie, has been relying on these paint markers to keep her toddler occupied while she works from home. “As far as art projects with a toddler go, these keep my 2-year-old entertained and mostly mess-free for minutes on end. I was skeptical at first, but then saw all my friends using them with their kids. They are so easy to use, but also the perfect size for gripping and practicing fine motor skills,” she says.

random things to buy on amazon handbag bag

16. Qianpa Handbag Umbrella

Best for the handbag collector

This protective plastic mini poncho fits perfectly around your handbag with a hook and top-loop closure, preventing your purse (and everything inside it) from getting wet. It's also transparent, so you can still show off your favorite accessory. It comes in small, medium and large sizes to fit everything from a clutch to a tote, and reviewers say it's of a nice quality.

random things to buy on amazon mosquito

17. Feunn Mosquito Trap

Best for the porch dweller

Director of audience development, Sally Herrod, is so impressed with this indoor bug trap, she calls it her all-time favorite Amazon purchase. “It’s chemical-free, quiet and keeps my apartment mosquito- and gnat-free,” she says. The device’s UV light attracts bugs, then its fan ensures that they get sucked in and trapped on its sticky paper. This particular model even comes with 10 paper replacements so you won’t have to worry about running out. We’re getting one for our screened-in porch, STAT.

random things to buy on amazon makeup brushes

18. Electric Brush Cleaner Machine

Best for the makeup junkie

Not only does not cleaning your makeup brushes give you a less effective application, it can also lead to skin irritation. But for many of us, the process of scrubbing our brushes with soap and water can get extra tedious and time consuming. This electronic automatic spinning tool can make your life a whole lot easier. Just fill the cup up with water and dip the brush inside. From there, click the spinner, and in less than 60 seconds, you'll get a 98 percent cleaner brush, according to the company. It has eight different collars in a range of sizes for a plethora of brush types, too. If you're anything like its Amazon reviewers, you might even start to enjoy the process. “I actually look forward to seeing all the dirt spin out and to see the difference this makes,” one writes, adding, "I love the setup of everything and how easy it was to clean my brushes."

random things to buy on amazon vintorio

19. Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Best for wine aficionados

Wine aficionados know wine tastes best when it's had a little time to breathe. If you just can't wait, however, you can use an aerator, like this nifty little attachable device, which aims to enhance flavors, aromas and texture in a jiff. It has a large aerating chamber, a flow regulator to spread out the wine and maximize air exposure and three air holes to draw more the oxygen to your wine. It also comes with a rubber stopper to prevent leakage, and an acrylic, slanted spout to prevent dripping.

random amazon products 3

20. Backembrace Posture Corrector

Best for chronic slouchers

While experts are divided about these tools, with some claiming they can be beneficial if used properly throughout the day and others noting that a dependency on them could arise, many agree that at the very least, these tools can increase your posture awareness. Writes one reviewer of the BackEmbrace, “This is so weird, but I love this posture corrector. It’s so comfortable and actually works. Plus, it makes it easier to breathe by opening up your chest." So long, tech neck!

random things to buy on amazon inflatable bar

21. 3-tier Inflatable Bar

Best for the eternal hostess

You'll have no shortage of places to store drinks and hors d'oeuvres with this lightweight, portable contraption that's sure to come in handy for the holidays. Fill it with ice to keep everything cool for your guests for a reported eight hours. Once they all leave, you can drain it, collapse it and store it anywhere you so choose. It comes with a pump for easy inflation and will be a breeze to clean.

random things to buy on amazon vansky

22. Vansky Uv Blacklight Flashlight

Best for potty-training pet parents

If you’re an animal owner, you already know that messes in the house are sometimes inevitable. Many times, they can be hard to see with the naked eye, however. Fortunately, this UV blacklight flashlight can double as a dog urine detector(note that it doesn't work as well for cats), picking up on any dried stains. Made with durable aluminum alloy, this flashlight also comes with intense fluorescent LEDs that reportedly shine brighter than the competition. The AA battery-powered light will last up to four to six hours, too, according to the company.

random things to buy on amazon blueapple

23. Blueapple Freshness Balls

Best for the waste-conscious

Raise your hand if you've ever spent money buying fruits and veggies in bulk, only to have them spoil before you got around to eating them. Friends, you're in need of the Bluapple. Simply place one of the included organic, recyclable packets inside the quirky apple molds to get started. The packets reportedly work to absorb ethylene gas found in specific foods that can lead to spoilage. According to the company, the Bluapple can extend the shelf life of that produce by two to three times over, with each packet lasting for three months.

random amazon products 1

24. Ticarve Car Cleaning Gel

Best for the crumb-riddled

PureWow staffers have used this sticky little goop to clean crumbs out of hard-to-reach spots in the car (some of which, if we're being honest, had been there for years). It's also dual-purpose, as you can use it to pick up errant pet hair from clothing and furniture or even clean your keyboard.

random things to buy on amazon saucemoto

25. Saucemoto Dip Clip

Best for the car eater

Eating in the car can present a real pickle—especially when you can’t reach the sauce and keep your eyes on the road at the same time. That's when it's Saucemoto to the rescue. This Shark Tank-approved holder clips to your air vent for struggle-free access to your ketchup, honey mustard, BBQ sauce and more—all without you having to bend or look down. That means you can get the same enjoyment out of your nuggets, French fries and more on the road as you would on the couch—genius!

random amazon products 7

26. Body Back Buddy Elite Massager

Best for the under-pampered

The Body Back Buddy Elite has racked up more than 7,500 5-star reviews—including one from our senior editor of branded content, Cristina Gutierrez. “It looks heinous, but if you have backaches and you can’t get actual massages as much as you’d like, this is a game-changer," she swears. "The knobs work out every kink, and I promise you will feel so. much. better.”

random things to buy on amazon sock locks

27. Helping Hand Sock Lock

Best for the neat freak

We’ve all experienced the mysterious phenomenon of losing a sock in the washer or dryer. And if you consider mismatching socks to be a personal fashion faux pas, then this simple product is for you. These rings slip over your socks and feature "teeth" that will keep them locked into place during tumbling sessions. They come in singles and double for thicker pairs, making them the ultimate solution for the organized perfectionist. “The dryer 'sock monster' hasn't taken one sock since I purchased this product," one happy reviewer writes, adding, "It is hard to imagine that a product of such simplicity can makes one's life so much easier.”

random things to buy on amazon l autre

28. L’autre Peau Travel Sunscreen Spray Spf 30

Best for the sunbather

We all know that SPF is one of the most essential skincare properties out there. But if you’re on-the-go, it can be hard to find ways to re-apply. Not only does this pen-shaped sunscreen come in the form of a convenient spray, it's compact enough to fit inside your purse for consistent touch ups. It even has clips that can attach to your bag, so you won't lose it way down at the bottom. It has a quick-absorbing, non-greasy, non-streaky formula, and reportedly gives your skin a dewy glow while protecting it from harmful UV rays, too.

random things to buy on amazon squatty potty

29. Squatty Potty

Best for health gurus

Using the bathroom is something we do everyday, and yet, there are researchers who say that the way we've been taught to sit can actually restrict the colon and even potentially result in pelvic floor injury. As one of Shark Tank’s most successful endeavors, the Squatty Potty was specifically designed to realign your body into a squat position, which researchers in a 2019 study published in the Journal of Education and Health Promotion argue is more natural for relieving waste. This particular version comes in bamboo and has a subtle slope that raises your heels for the perfect angle.

random amazon products 4

30. Oxo Good Grips Salad Chopper And Bowl

Best for the greens enthusiast

“I bought this at the beginning of quarantine, and I’m not sure how I ever made a salad without it,” our software engineer Michelle Varat says of this easy-to-use salad chopper. Just throw your ingredients in the bowl, run this tool over them a few times and there you'll have it: a perfectly chopped salad that will rival one of Sweetgreen’s.

random things to buy on amazon buy the cup

31. Dehydrated Cereal Marshmallow Bits

Best for the sweets lover

We’ve all picked through our Lucky Charms as kids to get to the marshmallows, which are undeniably the best part of the cereal. If you want to make your childhood dreams of having a whole bowl of them come true, head on over to Amazon. Here, you' can purchase an entire pack of the marshmallows in bulk, so you can avoid the inconvenient nutritious oats. That’s right, this beautiful creation is stocked with more than 2 pounds worth of the colorful sweets that you can snack on to your heart's content to satisfy your inner child.

random things to buy on amazon cable clips

32. Blue Key World Cable Clips

Best for the tech-obsessed

Our phone charger somehow always ends up on the floor—or at least it did until we discovered these cable clips. They stick onto your nightstand, desk or counter and hold your charging cord aloft so that it doesn’t fall. It sounds simple enough, but we really don’t know what we did without them (besides struggle to reach our plugged-in phones).

random things to buy on amazon kalogl

33. Kalogl Multi-tool Pen

Best for the craft fanatic

Forget pocket knives—this handy little gadget belongs in a MacGyver episode, since it will let you write a note, measure or unscrew something, all at the same time. A ruler, screwdriver and stylus all in one, it will be ideal for crafters or DIY aficionados, who will delight in using this sturdy aluminum tool for their next project.

random things to buy on amazon toilight

34. Toilight Toilet Night Light

Best for night owls

If you're regularly getting up in the middle of the night to run to the bathroom, why not invest in these bright, motion-sensored LED lights that can be easily installed near any toilet bowl to activate when you approach them? They come in nine rotating neon colors for a mini midnight rave, and many Amazon shoppers reported that they enjoyed the freedom of not having to turn their lights on when they got up to go after-hours.

random things to buy on amazon baker s edge

35. Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan

Best for bakers

The crispy corner versus the gooey center brownie debate has been dividing society for centuries, and if you're on team crispy, we have just the product for you. Although this aluminum brownie pan was rejected by Shark Tank investors, it seems to be doing pretty well for itself, and for good reason: Its zig-zag divided chamber ensures that your brownie winds up with more edges for all the crunchiness of a corner piece. It also comes with a nonstick surface and recessed handles for ultimate convenience.

random things to buy on amazon lifestraw

36. Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

Best for the outdoorsy

The Lifestraw could be a literal life-saver for a hiker. This ultra lightweight personal water filter has been rigorously tested to remove what the company claims is 99 percent of bacteria from any water source on-the-go. It accomplishes this through the use of micro-pores that are too small for bacteria to pass through, resulting in clean water on the drinking end. Not only can you use it outdoors, it's also ideal for natural disasters or emergency situations, making it a truly essential, if random, buy.

random things to buy on amazon redify

37. Redify Cordless Jump Rope

Best for the fitness fiend

Jumping rope is a great workout, but thanks to this cordless jump rope, there's an easier way to do it. This unique device mimics the motion of a regular jump rope thanks to its weighted handles. While it may look a bit strange, it's reportedly great for burning calories and improving stamina and balance, as the cardio work you'll get from skipping is the same as you'd get from a regular jumper—a tool that's estimated to burn up to 300 calories per every 15 minutes.

random things to buy on amazon pit grit

38. Pit Grit Underarm Scrub

Best for those with sensitive skin

If you're committed to natural deodorant, but still seem to suffer from sweaty, stinky pits, this all-natural underarm scrub is here to help. Formulated to eliminate odors by cleaning and detoxing the pit area, it's meant to be used as a supplemental aid to your natural deodorants. Reviewers have noted that this cruelty-free product is ideal for those sensitive skin—especially when other antiperspirant products have been too harsh or irritating.

random things to buy on amazon citikittyjpg

39. Citikitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

Best for cat ladies

One of the only downsides to a feline’s company is having to clean (and smell) their litter on the regular. A few select owners have achieved the impossible, however, toilet-training their cat with great success. This invention slowly acclimates your kitty to the porcelain throne, so you never have to clean their dreaded box again. It works by placing CitiKitty's multi-ringed apparatus on your toilet, then filling it with flushable litter for your cat to use. Gradually, you'll remove its inner rings, so the cat becomes comfortable doing his business right into the bowl. Although it may seem too good to be true, hundreds of Amazon reviewers swear by its reliability.

random things to buy on amazon wyze

40. Wyze Cam V3 Wireless Smart Camera

Best for the worry wart

This wireless HD camera has been a godsend for keeping an eye on our pups when we're not home. It sends a live stream of the living room right to your phone, so you can ensure Fido's not getting into trouble while you're out. While there are many more high-tech versions available, this one works quite well for the price—there’s even a color night vision mode if you want to set it up as a baby monitor.

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