The $9 Ice Roller from Amazon Does it All: Depuffs, Keeps You Cool & Helps with Headaches

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The best thing currently chilling in my freezer isn’t ice cream, a fancy new ice cube tray or even a Mint Cacao Daily Harvest smoothie (which is saying a lot). It’s the DBlosp Ice Roller I scored on Amazon for $9. I’d happily go as far as to say it’s a holy grail product. Yes, seriously.

I was first intrigued by the simple design when I was seeking out relief from chronic jaw pain and frequent headaches, both side effects of TMJ. Since draping my face with ice packs sounds like something I’d never willingly do, I figured the compact size of the roller would help target the awkward angle of my jawbone and the delicate skin around my temples. And I knew I wouldn’t be too lazy to use it, since I could roll with one hand while scrolling through TikTok or turning the pages of a book with the other.

Every morning I hop out of bed and grab my roller from the freezer to soothe my sore jaw and aching head for about five minutes, before getting on with my day. I simply roll up and down in any of the areas I want to target, using a little extra pressure where I feel the most pain. I’ve also started using it at night, as part of my winding down routing. But I noticed an unexpected side effect from my dedication to the ice roller: My under-eyes are much less puffy than before and the lines around my mouth are much less noticeable.

Per the Mayo Clinic, we use ice to treat pain because it causes “blood vessels to constrict, which helps reduce swelling.” And if you’ve ever put ice-cold spoons on your eyes after a super late night (or a long cry), you’ve seen firsthand how well this works. So now I use the Ice Roller all over my face, especially focusing on my forehead, cheekbones and neck. Hello, unexpected anti-aging tool.

Plus, this chilled roller has proven to be so damn refreshing during the summer. I’ve reached for it as part of my cool down after a long run that’s left me with a red face, I’ve kept it close by on super hot pool days and and I've put my Ice Roller to work in between work calls when the AC just isn’t strong enough. As long as you remember to put it back in the freezer after every use, you’ll never be let down by this multifaceted (and very affordable) tool.

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