9 PureWow Editors on the Best Places to Buy Furniture on a Budget

As much as we love to browse Restoration Hardware or scroll through the West Elm site for our next big home purchase, we also don’t love blowing our entire paycheck on a single shopping trip. So, when it comes to revamping our space on a budget, we have to get savvy about how we spend our hard-earned dough. Here, nine PureWow editors reveal their favorite budget-friendly home decor websites (and the real purchases that made them fall in love) so you can put your money to better use—perhaps a few bottles of fancy Pinot Noir to sip on your brand-new couch?

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furniture sites amazon home
Amazon Home

1. Amazon Home

Selection: 4 owned brands, 87 million products

Shipping: Free for Prime members, usually within 1 week

Best for: Anything you can think of

Favorite finds: Vanity table with round mirror ($166); midcentury bookshelf ($122); brass floor lamp ($55)

Why we love it:

“I was looking for a mid-century-esque dresser that didn’t cost a million dollars and didn’t weigh a thousand pounds. I live on the second floor and I don’t have an elevator or a roommate to help carry deliveries upstairs. This one more than fit the bill. It isn’t necessarily indestructible, but I put it together with a small screwdriver (girl power!) and it hasn’t fallen apart in the two years I’ve had it. Plus, you honestly can’t beat the free, fast shipping on Amazon. Someday I’ll splurge for a real solid wood version, but until then, my Amazon dresser is the perfect home for my KonMari-ed clothing stash.” - Brianna L.

furniture sites poly and bark
Poly & Bark/Facebook

2. Poly & Bark

Selection: 1,000 products

Shipping: Free shipping on all orders, up to 1 week

Best for: High-quality contemporary-style furniture and eye-catching statement pieces

Favorite finds: Curved plywood lounge chair ($249); geometric area rug ($159)

Why we love it:

“After years of debating whether or not I could handle having a rug under my dining room table, I finally took the plunge and, guys, it was worth it. Because this Poly & Bark rug is busy and didn't cost a fortune, it's totally fine when the kids drop a raisin or 12. And it's so bright and happy. It really ties the room together.” - Jillian Q.

furniture sites world market
World Market/Facebook

3. World Market

Selection: 10,000 products

Shipping: Free shipping on orders of $75 or more, up to 2 weeks

Best for: Eclectic, boho-inspired finds that feel way more expensive than they are

Favorite finds: Rattan cocoon chair ($230); gold bar cart ($170); carved wooden accent table ($170)

Why we love it:

“I bought a brass mid-century wall sconce to go over my bed, as well as a three-tier gold bar cart with mirrored shelves that feels very art deco. I get compliments on both, but especially the bar cart, which looks way pricier than it was. It has survived three moves, and still looks brand-new, but in a vintage way (thanks to the brushed brass finish). Their customer service is super-friendly and understanding. I requested two-day shipping for the wall sconce, and it didn’t arrive on time, so World Market refunded me for my entire purchase. Now I always check their website first when I need something new for my space.” - Roberta F.

furniture sites wayfair

4. Wayfair

Selection: 80 private labels, 8 million products

Shipping: Up to 10 days

Best for: If you have a specific piece in mind (otherwise, you’ll be combing for hours)

Favorite finds: Glass table lamp ($52); sleeper sofa ($341); geometric wall mirror ($107)

Why we love it:

“I got this mirror on Wayfair and could not be happier. It feels so luxurious (and like it should be hundreds of dollars!) when I turn on the salon lighting, but it's also a perfect way to save time as I get ready each morning. People ask me all the time where it came from.” - Corley M.

furniture sites ikea

5. Ikea

Selection: 12,000 products

Shipping: Large item delivery starts at $40, takes up to 2 weeks

Best for: Scandi-minimalist furniture that costs less than the Task Rabbit who assembles it all

Favorite finds: Faux sheepskin rug ($30); modern full-length mirror ($129); mini couch dog bed ($50)

Why we love it:

"I bought a dresser from IKEA, along with a couple of bedside tables. I love bright whites and natural woods, so the aesthetic really works with my choice of decor. For the simple stuff, IKEA really gets the job done. Does it last for years and years? No, but that's where the affordable price point comes in. It also helps if you can be patient with the setup from the outset. The directions are tough, you just have to be prepared for that. When my husband and I built the dresser together, we basically had to make a pact to check any irritation at the door so we didn't take it out on each other when we inevitably couldn’t find screw H.” - Rachel B.

furniture sites tj maxx
T.J. Maxx

6. Tj Maxx

Selection: 3,000 products

Shipping: Free shipping over $89, $10 standard shipping fee on large orders, up to 10 days

Best for: Pillows, kitchenware and smaller home furnishings

Favorite finds: Green velvet armchair ($300); chinoiserie table lamps ($100); gold and marble accent table ($80)

Why we love it:

Listen, I want all the fancy schmancy kitchenware just as much as the next home cook. But honestly, I turn to TJ Maxx for pots, pans, and all the other gadgets and accessories I actually need. Recently, I needed to replace some bakeware and bought a baking sheet, a cake pan, and a muffin tin by Calphalon for less than what it would cost me for a luxurious dinner at Wendy’s for two (with Frosty’s, obviously).” - Lauren G.

furniture sites target

7. Target

Selection: 85,000 products, 8 owned brands

Shipping: Free 2-day shipping for smaller items, up to 2 weeks for bigger purchases

Best for: Dorm room decor, bedding, bathroom bits and bobs

Favorite finds: White and brown textured dresser ($270); velvet tassel lamp ($14)

Why we love it:

“I’ve purchased quite a bit of furniture from Target, Wayfair and Amazon. With all three I’ve found it very helpful and important to read all the customer reviews because sometimes a cheap kitchen chair can turn out to be wonderfully chic. Other times it can turn out to just be, well, a cheap kitchen chair. I’ve never gotten anything all that fancy looking from Target, but in terms of basic staples, everything has held up really well, even when moving from apartment to apartment. The items were easy to ship (and receive) and the customer service was pretty quick to answer any questions.” - Abby H.

furniture sites article

8. Article

Selection: 1,200 products

Shipping: One flat fee of $49 for any item, up to 2 weeks

Best for: Direct-to-consumer mid-century modern couches, tables and decor

Favorite finds: Sven leather couch ($1,800); brass and marble floor lamp ($99)

Why we love it:

“After a lot of internet research, fabric swatching and careful consideration, I bought a blue velvet couch from Article. It was my first big furniture purchase and I'm pleased with the results—delivery was seamless, assembly was simple and the couch has remained both comfy and easy on the eyes. I especially loved that the shipping was free, and that they gave smart options for delivery (curbside, in the room, full assembly).” - Katherine G.

furniture site allmodern

9. Allmodern

Selection: 40,000 products

Shipping: Free delivery, up to 2 weeks

Best for: Modern contemporary furniture

Favorite finds: Vintage-looking area rug ($54); wooden coffee table ($106); leather sofa ($1,000)

Why we love it:

“I recently moved into a new house from a small apartment, so naturally there was a ton of furniture items I needed to fill the space. I really wanted a trendy dining room set but didn’t want to blow my budget on it. After a little research I found a set of awesome upholstered chairs on AllModern that were exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t believe that I could get six whole chairs for under $300 (!!!), which is the price of just one seat at most other places. Now obviously such a low price can be a red flag for quality; not with these. Yes, I had to assemble them, but it took two seconds and couldn’t have been easier, and the fabric is so nice. They look amazing, they're comfortable and they even got delivered to my place in a couple of days—faster than the delivery estimate had originally stated. Win win for AllModern!!” - Cristina G.

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