11 of the Best Drawer Organizers to Spark Marie Kondo-Level Joy

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We could all use a little more organization in our lives, and with spring cleaning in full swing, now's the perfect time to finally make it happen. Whether you're looking to tackle that chaotic pantry, create a spot where you can actually keep track of your kitchen utensils or get a handle on your unruly desk clutter, the best drawer organizer can help to get your life in order. We've tracked down 10 of the internet's top contenders using the qualities below.

What to Look for in a Drawer Organizer

  • Durability: We're going to guess that when you're rummaging through your drawers, you're probably not exactly being careful. That means you'll want an organizer that's not going to break the second it bangs into the side of your desk and can handle daily wear and tear. Products made from bamboo, which has a higher resistance to breaking under tension than steel (!), and plastic are popular choices across the board for this reason, since they're sturdy enough to hold strong, even with constant use.
  • Adaptability: Sometimes, one size fits all is not the case. That's why it's great to find a drawer organizer that can expand or contract to fit the space you'll be using it for. Some of the options we found can even be separated and mixed and matched to suit your needs.
  • Washability: Since these organizers may be used to hold silverware or cooking utensils, it's important that they're easy to wash—no icky bacteria and germs here! (Bonus points if you can throw it in the dishwasher.)

Read on to check out our list of the best drawer organizers to help you conquer your disorder, once and for all.

The Best Drawer Organizers at a Glance

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drawer organizer pipishell

1. Pipishell Bamboo Drawer Organizer

Best Kitchen Drawer Organizer

  • Why We Love It: Expandable, sturdy

For an option that checks all of our boxes, you can't go wrong with this bamboo design that's both sleek and functional. Not only is it incredibly sturdy, its simple setup can hold various utensils in its eight differently sized compartments. You can also expand it to give you extra room for larger items, like tongs and mixing spoons. Better yet, you can choose from several different finishes, so it will match your kitchen's vibe.

drawer organizer oxo good grips

2. Oxo Good Grips Expandable Drawer Organizer

Best Expandable Drawer Organzier

  • Why We Love It: Adjustable segments, easy-to-see laid out utensils

If you need something that can expand and contract at the drop of the hat, our food editor Katherine Gillen would point you in the direction of the OXO Good Grips expandable drawer organizer, which was a game-changer in her kitchen organizing. “When you go from throwing your random kitchen tools into a loaf pan to this? Wow, the difference is night and day,” she said. “The compartments make it easy to organize and see everything, and that means I’m never rifling through blindly to find a peeler or cookie scoop. Also, the segments are adjustable for all kinds of oddly sized gadgets.” Beyond that, it's got non-slip feet, and there's even a removable cup for corn holders or wine stoppers.

drawer made

3. Madesmart Drawer Organizer

Best Plastic Drawer Organizer

  • Why We Love It: BPA-free, non-slip grips and feet

While this tray is built for your silverware, it leaves space for a few other key kitchen tools (like those measuring spoons you're constantly misplacing). What's more, it's made of BPA-free plastic, which means you won't be exposing things that will regularly be touching your food—and ultimately, your mouth—to any nasty chemicals. It features a soft-grip lining to keep your knives, forks and spoons in place, as well as non-slip rubber feet on the bottom that will keep the entire organizer exactly where you want it to be. It will also be easy to wipe down when it starts to get scuzzy.

drawer seville

4. Seville Classics Drawer Organizer

Best Utensil Drawer Organizer

  • Why We Love It: Extra-wide slots, sustainable material

The five wide sections of this organizer leave you more than enough room for all of your utensils (although it can be narrowed on either side to make it smaller if need be). Its bamboo material is both sustainable and durable, and it's easy to keep it clean by simply wiping it out with a little soap and water, which it's resistant to, so you won't get any warping. As some pointed out, its spacious slots could also be used for tea. (Or your desk supplies. Or whatever.)

drawer organizer honeycando

5. Honey Can Do Drawer Organizer

Best Desk Drawer Organizer

  • Why We Love It: Limited lifetime warranty, strong steel

Are you the type that throws anything and everything that you don't know where to put into the confines of your desk (*slowly raises hand*). We get it—outta' sight, outta' mind. ...Until it comes time to open that desk up again. Embrace a more clean vibe with this minimalistic steel mesh drawer organizer. Thanks to its six sections, you'll have no trouble finding the exact paper clip, stamp or pen you need. (Psst: You can keep things even tidier with the three-compartment companion product that's ideal for larger items.)

drawer organizer kootek

6. Kootek Drawer Organizer

Best Adjustable Organizer

  • Why We Love It: Breaks down into eight individual containers, customizable

Bamboo drawer organizers are a dime a dozen, but the thing that makes this particular bamboo organizer stand out is the fact that each of its six to eight sections—all of which are different sizes—are fully separate. That means not only can they hold a wider range of items from your kitchen, but they can also be arranged in a way that best suits your drawer and moved (or removed) as needed.

drawer joseph1
Sur La Table

7. Joseph Joseph Drawer Organizer

Best Small Drawer Organizer

  • Why We Love It: Space-saving layout, refined look

For those who don't have a lot of drawer space available, this cutlery organizer, which claims to take up half the space of a regular silverware tray, will be the perfect fit. Angled slats for forks, knives and spoons are easily identifiable with cute little engravings and make it feel plenty spacious, despite its smaller size. On top of that, its organized layout means it will still be easy to grab exactly what you need without digging. Non-slip feet, meanwhile, ensure it won't move around too much, even when your toddler inevitably slams the drawer shut.

drawer organizers umbra

8. Umbra Peggy Drawer Organizer Set

Best Container Organizer

  • Why We Love It: Holds lids and more, comes two to a pack

Utensils aren't not the only items that need to stay sorted in your kitchen. That's why you may get more than a little use out of this organizer that's meant for things like lids, bowls, containers and pots. It comes with two organizers that can be set up side-by-side in your drawers to slip items in between the adjustable pegs. It also expands and contracts as needed (up to 3.75 inches).

drawer acrylic

9. Brightroom Drawer Organizer

Best Acrylic Drawer Organizer

  • Why We Love It: See-through, includes liners

Acrylic organizers are great because they're not only built to last, they're clear, allowing you to see exactly what it is you're looking for. This one has three lined sections, so you won't need to buy an extra accessories to protect your silverware, and the feet are slightly raised to keep the unit from slipping. If you need a little more room, it also comes in a five- or six-bin design.

drawer bamb

10. Bambüsi Collection Drawer Organizer Dividers

Best Drawer Organizer Dividers

  • Why We Love It: Easy to install, simple solution

They say less is more, so if it's a more simple solution you're after, check out these handy-dandy dividers. These adjustable bamboo slates, which are spring-loaded on one side, can be popped into your drawer to give your utensils the exact amount of space that they require, up to 22 inches. All you need to do is place them where you want and let them fit themselves snuggly into place.

Backerysupply Makeup Drawer Organizer

Best Makeup Drawer Organizer

  • Why We Love It: Easy to clean, can be used together or separately

If you're sick of digging through your makeup bag or Caboodle to find that new eyeliner (*raises hand*), you'd do well to consider this darling makeup drawer organizer. This set of 12 storage bins (six small squares, four deep rectangles and two shallow ones) can be split up or used together to separate your scrunchies from your lip gloss from your foundation. It washes up easily with soap and water and fit nice and flush against each other.

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