The 15 Most Genuinely Useful Kitchen Organizers We've Ever Bought

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Fact: A de-cluttered and clear-countertopped kitchen can bring us a sense of control and serenity—especially when we’re working from home. Not to mention that waking up to a tidy space is essential to our morning routine (a sink free of dishes is the most underrated form of self-care). And, because it’s the season of new beginnings, we’re curious: How should we streamline our kitchens in 2022? Luckily, PureWow staffers love nothing more than a useful organization hack. So read on for 15 of our editor’s favorite kitchen organizers—from under-the-sink shelves to a never-ending supply of containers and cord-consolidators.

10 Top-Rated Kitchen Products on Amazon

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1. Food52 Five Two Over-the-sink Drying Rack

“This sturdy little $45 rack, which comes in grey, slate blue and white (or ‘smoked salt,’ as the uber-aestheticized site terms the hue) and will be my go-to gift for all my mom friends,” writes editor Dana Dickey in a PureWow100 Review. “The Food52 Five Two Over-the-Sink Drying Rack is a retractable screen that fits over half my sink, so I can quickly wash a few items then place them immediately to my left to rinse and drip-dry, without getting my counters wet. Then, after the dishes are dry, I can put them back where they belong and retract the rack back to the edge of the sink, where it unobtrusively waits for the next round of dishes.”

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2. Oxo Good Grips 3-piece Pop Cereal Dispenser Set

“I learned that everything should be in bins,” says editor Chelsea Candelario. “Say goodbye to the boxes and show off your cereals. I found it’s way easier to pour a bowl (or two, I’m not judging) and keep food fresher. Plus, it [comes] in a pack of three, which is helpful for a cereal-lover like myself.”

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3. Oupeng Cable Ties (set Of 20)

Have a junk drawer jammed with a bunch of random chargers and cables? Executive editor Candace Davison recommends simplifying the tangled mess with some of these hook-and-loop cord ties. Once you’ve secured each cord into a nice bundle—thanks to the ties—Davison suggests concealing them all in a decorative box (an idea she borrowed from the bloggers at Young House Love).

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4. Ahnr Expandable Pan Organizer Rack

“I’m fully obsessed with this expandable pan rack,” says editor Abby Hepworth. The rack has 10 adjustable 12.25- to 22.25-inch-long spaces that can hold pans, pots, lids and baking sheets of all sizes. “It makes it so much easier to keep my cabinets organized and allows me to grab the skillet I want without having to dig for it underneath ten other pans.” ​​

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5. Oxo Good Grips Expandable Kitchen Tool Drawer Organizer

Constantly misplacing your kitchen tools? This baby will help deter missing can opener incidents. “When you go from throwing your random kitchen tools into a loaf pan to this? Wow, the difference is night and day,” says food editor Katherine Gillen.

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6. Deco Brothers Expandable Under-the-sink Shelf

After scrolling through some customer photos of this adjustable shelf, we’re sold. Its 15.5- to 25.2-inch-wide spaces are totally adjustable, and it features removable wire shelves that you can place on the top or bottom rack, depending on the layout you want. Plus, they fit easily around under-sink pipes.

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7. Delamu Cord Concealer Kit

“These cord covers have an adhesive back, so you literally thread the cables through and stick them to the wall and everything looks clean and polished...without putting any new holes in your wall,” says Davison. She also mentions how “they were a game-changer” after she mounted her TV in her living room.

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8. Idesign Linus Open Cabinet Organizers

“Maintaining a well-organized refrigerator is a passion project for me, especially when I scroll through The Home Edit’s Instagram and see all the fridge masterpieces,” Candelario says. “These organizers help section off items in my fridge based on spreads, veggies, you name it. (It’s also so appealing to see things categorized by use).”

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9. Fox Run 3-tier Copper Kitchen Hanging Fruit Baskets

We’re always looking for ways to free up counterspace, and these three-tier hanging baskets excel at doing just that. Plus, they keep produce right within eyesight, so you actually eat them before they go bad. Win, win.


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10. G-ting Pull Out Cabinet Organizer

“I have deep cabinets, and the stuff in the back tends to get forgotten about…until it’s way past its expiration date. This pull-out organizer helps me actually use everything I buy, and Amazon sells a ton in different sizes—including double-decker varieties—to fit just about any space,” says Davison.

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11. Jinamart 4-piece Stackable Wine Storage Rack

No wine fridge? No problem. These stackable, fridge-friendly wine holders are the next best thing—according to director of audience development Mary D’Alessio.“They make it easy to see what wines you have, and chill four or more bottles without taking up too much space next to the oat milk.”

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Container Store

12. Plastic Carafes

Pro tip: The key to a well-organized fridge is putting everything into containers and decanters (and more containers). “I bought two of these 1.5-liter bottles to decant my drinks and free up more space in my fridge. Seriously, pouring orange juice has never felt classier,” says Candelario.

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13. Limitless Innovation Chargerhub

OK, so you’ve gotten your cables under control, but do you have enough outlets for all of your devices? Not a chance. This compact charging hub features five USB ports, so you can power up your phone, iPad, laptop, foot warmer—seriously, whatever you need.

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14. The Home Edit Pantry Labels

Another one of Candelario’s favorites she picked up after binging Get Organized with the Home Edit? These transparent labels, which feature Clea’s so-flawless-it-should-be-a-font handwriting. “From cereal to sweets, there are 18 labels to choose from. (Plus, you can find labels for the closet, bathroom and the fridge, too).”

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15. Simple Houseware Stackable Can Rack

Get your canned goods under control with this rack, which D’Alessio deems a “life-saver.” The metal rack has room for up to 36 cans, and according to more than 6,000 five-star reviews, it’s sturdy and easy to put together too.

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