A well-stocked pantry is a beautiful thing, but you know what’s even better? A well-organized pantry. It’s easy to get bogged down in canned beans and bags of flour (and yeah, your S.O.’s specialty mustard collection), but luckily, there are plenty of pantry organizers that will help you spruce up your kitchen—and keep it that way. But not just any old rack will do: You want something that’s versatile enough to hold all types of dry goods and made of durable, long-lasting materials. (Bonus points if it looks good too.)

We’ve waded through a myriad of options to find the most sturdy, space-optimizing and attractive designs that will free up your space, be it a spice cabinet, a dry-goods door or a stash of jars that’s overtaking your countertops. These six pantry organizers will organize your cans, jars, spices and kitchen essentials so that you can focus on cooking your favorite recipes.

Our picks at a glance:

1. Best overall pantry organizer: Simple Housewares Pantry Organizer
2. Best pantry door organizer: ClosetMaid Pantry Organizer
3. Most durable pantry organizer:
Deco Brothers Pantry Organizer
4. Best turntable pantry organizer: YouCopia Crazy Susan Pantry Organizer
5. Best pantry shelf organizer: HapiRm Pantry Organizer
6. Best pantry spice rack organizer:
Copco Pantry Organizer
7. Best pantry organizer drawer: Simple Houseware Sliding Basket Pantry Organizer

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1. SimpleHouseware Pantry Organizer

Best overall pantry organizer

To wrangle your canned beans and preserve collection into order, look no further than the SimpleHouseware stackable can rack organizer. It fits 36 cans at a time, plus, multiple sets can be stacked vertically for maximum pantry storage. Even better, the rack includes six adjustable plastic dividers to keep your jars aligned, no matter their size.

$25 at Amazon


2. ClosetMaid Pantry Organizer

Best pantry door organizer

Want to know the secret to organizing like a pro? You have to get creative with your underutilized space—for example, the back of your pantry door. The ClosetMaid adjustable eight-tier wall and door rack transforms that once-useless spot into a storage haven—and without any screws or complicated installation at that. The baskets are adjustable for varying objects heights and there’s additional hardware included for optional wall-mounting.

$64; $40 at Amazon


3. Deco Brothers Pantry Organizer

Most Durable

Since you carried the grocery bags of cans into the kitchen, you know they can get heavy fast. Luckily, the Deco Brothers pantry organizer is sturdy enough to hold their weight. The stainless-steel design is strong and rust-resistant, and the rack can hold up to 36 cans at a time (or more if you want to stack a few units).

$21 at Amazon


4. YouCopia Pantry Organizer

Best rotating pantry organizer

Unless you have a magic ability to see into the depths of your pantry’s shelves, it can be difficult to remember what’s hiding in the back. The YouCopia crazy Susan turntable pantry organizer not only maximizes shelf space, but also makes finding items a breeze. The clear, removable bins make sorting and seeing easy, and the whole thing rotates 360 degrees.

$27 at Amazon


5. HapiRm Shelf Pantry Organizer

Best pantry shelf organizer

If you’ve totally run out of shelving space in the pantry, the HapiRm shelf pantry organizer combines form with function. Its high-quality stainless-steel is stackable and sturdy to boot, while the guardrail prevents items from crashing to the floor when bumped. It's got U-shaped legs to prevent slippage and its polished finish adds a little something-something to make this pantry organizer worthy of displaying out in the open.

$24 at Amazon


6. Copco Pantry Organizer

Best pantry spice rack organizer

You just spent an hour alphabetizing your spice collection only to realize that you can’t see beyond the first row of jars. That’s where the Copco non-skid 3-tier spice pantry organizer comes in handy. Its elevated tiers make it easy to see what you’re reaching for in the cabinet, and the slip-free surface ensures nothing will topple over. Plus, its shelves are deep enough to store cans and larger jars in addition to smaller containers.

From $7 at Amazon


7. Simple Houseware Sliding Basket Pantry Organizer

Best pantry organizer drawer

Not all kitchen odds and ends are cylindrical. The Simple Houseware two-tier sliding basket organizer will be your best bet for housing any stray granola bars, fruit snack pouches and the like. The two sliding metal baskets are spacious and the entire construction is stackable if you buy multiple sets. As a bonus, the mesh-like design hides clutter without totally obscuring what’s inside.

$29 at Amazon

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