29 Awesome Cricut Projects (None of Which Involve Wine Puns or ‘Gather’ Signs)

You bought a Cricut, envisioning yourself making all the things (why pay $40 for a custom tee on Etsy when you could create it, after all?!). Only now that you’ve made that one shirt you had in mind, you don’t know where to go from here. Or you’re looking for a little inspo for your next craft because you’re tired of seeing the same stemless wine glass proclaiming “Everything happens for a Riesling” in script font all over your Pinterest feed. Well, look no further—these 29 Cricut projects will help you get more out of your machine. Promise.

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cricut projects luggage tags

1. Monogram Luggage Tags

Travel may not be on the immediate horizon, but when the time comes, you’ll be ready. This project takes less than an hour to complete, making it ideal for beginners.

cricut projects foil prints halloween
Happiness Is Homemade

2. halloween Foil Art Prints

Get ready for spooky season with some tasteful-yet-still-macabre wall art. You’ll need a foil transfer tool to get the job done, but considering it costs roughly what you’d spend on one of these prints, we’d say it’s worth it.

cricut projects felt banner
Happiness Is Homemade

3. felt Halloween Banner

Felt is trending big time this Halloween. Using a Cricut machine spares you from having to trace and cut every letter by hand, turning this project from tedious to totally doable.

cricut projects star wallpaper
A Beautiful Mess

4. diy Wallpaper

If you can’t find the design you like, make it yourself.

cricut projects engraved keychains
Happiness Is Homemade

5. engraved Acrylic Keychains

Consider this your excuse to try out the engraving tool. Just don’t be surprised if all your friends start requesting custom orders. (Hey, the holidays are coming.)

cricut projects cornhole

6. cornhole Game

Tailgate season is upon us, so why not create a cornhole game in your team’s colors?

7. a Punny Last-minute Costume

If you’re in need of a last-minute, low-effort costume—or simply something to throw on during your office’s Halloween Zoom call—look no further. Eye candy, at its finest (and easiest).

cricut projects water bottle stickers

8. vinyl Water Bottle Stickers

Your kid keeps begging you to shell out $5 or more on a single sticker, because everyone’s customizing their water bottles these days. For the cost of two stickers, she can create dozens of her own designs.

cricut projects leather placemats

9. leather Placemats

No one will believe you made them yourself; you won’t believe how quickly you made them.

cricut projects holiday pajamas
A Beautiful Mess

10. matching Holiday Pajamas

Ever since coordinated holiday pajamas became a thing, parents have gotten into a frenzied rush to hunt down everyone’s exact sizes before they sell out. Skip the mayhem and just DIY.

11. faux Leather Bag Charms

Upgrade your everyday tote with a custom tassel. (Just make sure you’re using the Cricut Maker series, which can handle cutting faux leather.)

cricut projects ruler growth chart
Happiness Is Homemade

12. ruler Growth Chart

Because no parent wants to face the “should we take the door off its hinges when we move?” dilemma after spending years chronicling their kids’ growth.

cricut projects planter

13. stenciled Planter

No one will notice your orchid’s looking a little, uh, sluggish with this statement planter. OK, maybe it won’t be the first thing they notice.

cricut projects leopard nap mat
A Beautiful Mess

14. leopard Nap Mat

Technically, you don’t even need a Cricut to pull this off—just the iron-on vinyl—but it will make the project a lot easier (and quicker).

cricut projects felt hoop wreath

15. felt Floral Hoop Wreath

Give the front door your own seasonal spin, all in one afternoon.

cricut projects custom cards

16. next-level Love Notes

Hallmark could never. And that peel-away feature? Brilliant.

17. advent Calendars

What you hang behind each door is your call: Stickers? Candy? Enamel pins? Anything you choose will be better than the chalky chocolates from those grocery store calendars.

cricut projects custom water bottle

18. custom Water Bottles

Give a boring stainless steel water bottle new life with some ombré adhesive vinyl and a little (Cricut-assisted) cutout.

cricut projects hangers

19. baby Clothes Hangers

You’re already going all out on your kid’s nursery. Might as well have hangers that make you squeal just as much as those teeny tiny onesies.

20. pie Stencils

Your lattice weave skills are lackluster—so what? Dusting confectioners’ sugar over a stencil creates for an equally impressive pie. And we dare say it’ll be more of a conversation starter too.

cricut crafts flower card

21. pop-up Flower Cards

Malls now have kiosks and entire stores devoted to intricately designed pop-up cards…that can easily set you back $20 a pop. With a Cricut, it’s surprisingly easy to make your own.

cricut projects planner

22. a Reusable 10-minute Planner

Based on the theory that people are most productive in short bursts, this glass dry erase board helps you map out your day, 10 minutes at a time.

cricut crafts spice labels

23. spice Labels

Get your pantry on The Home Edit’s level—even if you lack Clea Shearer’s calligraphy skills.

cricut projects cake carrier 2
Sugar & Cloth

24. retro Cake Carrier

We have a feeling the marvelous Mrs. Maisel would approve of this look.

cricut projects deck stencils
A Piece of Rainbow

25. deck Stencils

Outdoor rugs are great, but if you want something with a little more character, use your Cricut to create large-scale stencils and paint your floors.

cricut polymer earrings

26. polymer Clay Earrings

It’s two trends in one: Clay jewelry and statement earrings. Use your Cricut to create stenciled designs, making each piece feel a little more artisanal.

cricut projects learning board

27. classroom Learning Boards

Teach the weather, days of the week and more with this interactive learning board. (Psst: You could also riff on this idea to create a chore or potty training chart at home.)

cricut projects memory match

28. memory Matching Game

In less than two hours, you can have a mod game that looks like you bought it from Maisonette. Even better, it’s the sort of toy your kids will play with again and again (giving you a few moments to yourself).

cricut projects map

29. travel Cork Board

Flag all of the places you’ve been—and everywhere you want to go—with this easy cork board DIY.

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