Bearaby’s New Queen-Sized “Hugger” Solves the Biggest Problem with Weighted Blankets

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bearaby hugger review
  • Value: 15/20
  • Functionality: 18/20
  • Quality: 20/20
  • Aesthetics: 19/20
  • Comfort: 19/20

TOTAL: 91/100

Everyone who raves about weighted blankets tends to have two chief complaints about them: (1) If they’re pellet-filled, the pellets inevitably shift to one side, requiring constant reshuffling. (2) They’re too small to share comfortably with another person. Bearaby solved that first problem as soon as the company launched, making its blankets entirely out of organic cotton. And now, the brand’s solved the second with the launch of the Hugger, a 90-inch by 90-inch blanket that can comfortably cover a queen-sized bed. It’s designed to replace your standard duvet cover, and after trying it out for a few days, I’m ready to replace my quilt for good. And I’m not even a weighted blanket person. At all.

bearaby hugger unboxing

Pros: It’s Enveloping—and Strangely Soothing

As much as I’ve heard about how calming a weighted blanket can be, I worried it’d feel like I’m wrapped in an adult swaddle. Or worse, maybe the sheer weight would make me feel buried alive, triggering feelings of claustrophobia, given that the Hugger weighs a whopping 35 pounds (Bearaby’s heaviest blanket to date).

Thankfully, neither fear held true. Since the weight is spread out across the blanket, it was cocooning without feeling suffocating. It was just enough pressure to help me sink into bed and prevent me from tossing and turning as much, kind of like…well, when my daughter rocked a Baby Magic Merlin Sleep Suit to prevent her moro reflex from kicking in. (Oh no—maybe I am being adult swaddled after all. And maybe I like it?!)

Falling asleep easier, resting more peacefully, feeling more relaxed—suddenly, I was experiencing all of the benefits sleep specialists touted that I had dismissed. (It’s worth noting that I was feeling this chill while pseudo-camping, as I’ve been sleeping on a mattress on the floor while I wait for my bed frame to arrive.)

Beyond that, the Hugger’s chunky knit is soft and breathable, so despite its heft, I haven’t overheated in the middle of the night. And, aesthetically, it adds a nice layer of texture to liven up the room, but its color-blocked gray and cream combination works with just about any color scheme or style.

bearaby hugger bed

Con: You Must Beware Of Blanket Hogs

Admittedly, if you sleep with a blanket hog, fighting to get your half of the blanket back in the middle of the night is more of a workout. And, if your partner flings the blanket off of themselves, it can feel like you’re being whacked with a pillow—which may be powerful enough to wake you up (and want to actually smack that person with a pillow).

bearaby hugger detail

The Bottom Line

At $399, the Hugger doesn’t come cheap. So, if you’re into weighted blankets and you’re in need of a new duvet, it could be worth the investment. On its own—particularly if you share a bed with someone who isn’t into being cocooned at night—you may be better off buying a smaller, more affordable option.

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