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You’ve come a long way since your hand-me-down, mismatched pans-and-lids days. Now you have grown-up cookware that’s as pretty as it is functional. But something that beautiful (and, um, expensive) shouldn’t be shoved under your sink only to get dinged up. Here, seven ways to put your shiny pots and pans on full display.

rack list

On a hanging rack

Place the rack right above your stovetop for easy access.

tiers list

Or tier the racks

Place most-used items at the bottom for easy access.

on wall list

On the wall

It doubles as art while doubling your storage space.

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on fence list

On a fence post

Your next DIY project?

above island list

Above an island

Better cooking is within reach.

under island list

Or under one

For the shorter chef.

above door list

Above a door

More storage equals less clutter. Things are looking up, folks!

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