In Oregon, they call it a small closet. In New York City, they call it an average-sized apartment.

But no matter how tight your living quarters may be, there are some things a gal just needs in order to feel like a grown-up.

Here are 30 items you must have in your apartment by age 30.

NY ApartmentThings List1
Food 52

1. Actual napkins. If not cloth, at least some charming printed paper ones. Paper towels are not the real deal.

2. A hammer, a wrench and two screwdrivers. Stop calling the cute neighbor on the third floor every time you need to hang a frame.

3. Two ice-cube trays that are actually full. And clean. With no frozen veggies stacked on them.

4. Candles, scented or otherwise. Remember Hurricane Sandy, people? Always be prepared.

5. A flashlightWith batteries that you bought in this decade.

NY ApartmentThings List2

6. A set of wine glasses. They don’t have to be crystal or anything, but make sure you have enough to serve six guests their choice of red or white wine.

7. Six Champagne flutes. (See above.)

8. A bottle of red, a bottle of white and Champagne. To put in said glasses, natch.

9. A plunger. And while we’re at it…

10. A toilet brush. We don’t care if you have a cleaning service or not.

NY ApartmentThings List3
House Beautiful

11. An actual vacuum. (No, not one of those handheld things that runs on batteries.) Have you checked what’s going on under your refrigerator lately?

12. Pantry staples, like a box of pasta, a bag of rice and a few cans of sauce. Seamless is great and everything, but the ability to make a home-cooked meal (even if you never do) is key.

13. Furniture that isn’t particleboard. OK, a cheap bookshelf or two is fine, but you’re way too chic for that flimsy dining-room table. Solid wood, please.

14. Nice hangers, preferably wooden or fabric. And no wire hangers…ever!

15. Towels that aren’t from college. We love these from Anthropologie--and get an extra set or two for guests.

NY ApartmentThings List4
Casa and Company

16. Sheets with a high thread count. (Preferably without Rainbow Brite on them.)

17. Framed artwork. Not a Breakfast at Tiffany’s poster.

18. A really chic robe. (Something like this, not that ratty terry cloth thing your aunt gave you in college.)

19. PJs that aren’t old T-shirts from high school. Preferably silk.

20. A dedicated workspace. It doesn’t have to be a full-fledged home office, but you shouldn’t have to move all your paperwork off the coffee table every time someone comes over.

NY ApartmentThings ListPlants
Vintage Revivals

21. Something alive. Even if it’s just a cactus. (Those things are impossible to kill.)

22. A sewing kit. Yes, that means you need to learn how to sew a button.

23. Stationery that isn’t from Duane Reade. We’re really into Rifle Paper Co. right now.

24. A filing cabinet for important documents. Don’t worry: It can be cute.

25. Baking soda. Because nobody likes a smelly fridge.

26. A clothing steamer. Irons are so last century.

NY ApartmentThings ListPlacemats

27. Placemats. No, not those paper ones you can color on.

28. A tablecloth. Sometimes you’ve just gotta get fancy.

29. A jewelry box. Your necklaces will get a lot less tangled if you don’t leave them in a pile on your dresser.

30. A fancy showerhead. Because life is too short for bad water pressure.

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