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You’ve watched the video on how to hang a Pinterest-worthy gallery wall, and you’ve got some showstopping art and photos you’re ready to throw in the mix. But--news flash--to give your wall real pop, you need to include something that’s not a traditional print, painting or photograph.

Here, 11 ideas to get your wheels spinning.

A Textile

Play with texture. A scarf, tapestry or woven banner adds warmth and color.

A Planter

They may look like art, but don't forget these guys need sunlight. Go for tillandsia, or "air plants," which don't require soil or constant watering.


Because Grandma's favorite serving dish deserves some face time.

A Shelf

In addition to adding depth and breaking up the visual field, a shelf allows you to display a rotating cast of pretty items.

A Mirror

Also good for when you need to check your teeth.

A Clock

Because they’re going extinct.


A Sculpture

Due to the often unusual shape, hang this first and then work outward.

A Trinket

Instead of adding clutter to your bookshelf, display a doodad--like an heirloom necklace or old skeleton key--on your walls in an aesthetically pleasing grouping.


Go for a more rustic look with a faux animal skull. Too creepy for your taste? Stick to the plastic resin kind.

A Gameboard

The next big thing: vintage chess sets as art.

A Hat

Home is where you hang your…well, you get it.

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