Why is shopping for kids’ gifts so tough? Maybe it’s because we’re stuck in our own nostalgia (everyone still loves Pac-Man, right?!), or maybe it’s ‘cus the options feel endless (just the video game aisle alone has our heads spinning). Whatever the case, we’re here to help. From the coziest knits to a crystal-growing kit, here are 30 of the best gifts for kids, all under $30.

Sponsored gifts under 30 hats

1. Old Navy Flip-Sequin Graphic Pom-Pom Beanie

Cozy, stretchy and with a cool snowboarder flair: This pom-pom-topped beanie will keep his head and ears warm all winter long.

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2. ADAMJK Indecisive Keychain

For the indecisive teen in your life, a new keychain that encapsulates their #mood.

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3. Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Wooden Toy Tree Set

These little trees are ideal for mixing with the rest of their toy collection, but also for displaying on a shelf or bookcase.

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Sponsored gifts under 30 cat shirt

4. Old Navy Long-Sleeve Graphic Tie-Front Tee

Just when we thought little girls' clothes couldn't get any cuter...

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5. The Dough Project 3-Pack

Made from organic wheat flour, sea salt, cream of tartar and veggie oil, these 5-oz. jars of all natural, plant-based dough will let them create for hours on end.

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6. Super Smalls Me Time (Double!) Mood Rings

Mood rings are back! Just make sure to let the kids play with these color-changing costume rings before co-opting for your own jewelry case.

Buy It ($29)

Sponsored gifts under 30 critter masks

7. Old Navy Critter Face Masks (with Laundry Bag) for Kids

Winter-themed critter masks (snowmen and Santa and polar bears, oh my!) are guaranteed to get the kiddos excited about masking up and staying safe.

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8. Little Feminist Book Set

Marie Curie, Harriet Tubman and Cleopatra are among the history-making women in these pocket-sized portrait books.

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9. Jenga

A family game night favorite that doubles as a solo activity for kids of all ages.

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10. Pictionary Air

This go-to game just got a high-tech twist: The illustrator can draw designs in the air while teammates watch the images appear on a smartphone screen.

Buy It ($19)

11. Kid Made Modern Wooden Spaceship Craft Kit

We guess this is the modern generation’s answer to the pinewood derby days of our youth...and we’re just as excited to get in on the crafting fun.

Buy It ($30)

12. World Map Coloring Tablecloth

Give the gift of kitchen-table travel with this coloring project, complete with hand-drawn illustrations of landmarks and fun facts.

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Sponsored gifts under 30 holiday socks

13. Old Navy Printed Cozy Socks

The Old Navy classic is back with adorable new prints and patterns to keep the little piggies warm—and help your kid fill out their new shoes.

Buy It ($5)

14. Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry

Soon to be an audiobook narrated by Blue Ivy Carter (yes!!!), this picture book is based on the Oscar-winning short film and spreads a message of love, confidence and embracing individuality.

Buy It ($11)

15. Atsuyo et Akiko Jewels Accessories Kit

For the budding fashionista, a jewelry-making kit from a female-owned small business in Brooklyn.

Buy It ($30)

16. Lego Classic Medium Creative Brick Kit

Legos really are the best when it comes to fostering kids’ creativity (sorry in advance to parents’ feet).

Buy It ($27)

Sponsored gifts under 30 unisex pajamas

17. Old Navy Unisex “Team Santa” Pajama Set

Those matching fam photos you’ve been meaning to take? Now’s your chance (to actually send the holiday cards out on time).

Buy It ($25)

18. National Geographic Mega Crystal Growing Lab

Anything from the National Geographic store is sure to be a hit, but this crystal growing lab with light-up display stand actually rocks. (Sorry, had to.)

Buy It ($30)

19. Unicorn Horn Sidewalk Chalk

Unicorn fascination is still going strong among the 10-and-younger set. Indulge their artistic side with these sparkly chalk sticks.

Buy It ($15)

Sponsored gifts under 30 unisex pullover

20. Old Navy 1/2-Zip Sherpa Pullover Hoodie

This gender-neutral sweater is made of the softest sherpa and comes in an easy pullover style, so you know they're leaving the house in something warm.

Buy It ($30)

21. So Slime DIY Slime Factory

Ya know what else is still going strong? Slime. This DIY slime kit is 1,000 times easier (and way more fun) than covering your kitchen in cornstarch and food coloring.

Buy It ($25)

22. Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child Plush

We mean, you can’t not get this gift for your Sci-Fi loving niece or nephew, right?

Buy It ($25)

23. The Complete Origami Kit

A moment of zen (and a way to keep their hands busy and off the screens) is just what we all need right now.

Buy It ($16)

24. American Girl Doll Spa Robe Set

Know an American Girl Doll owner? This terrycloth robe, slipper and headband set will have her stoked for mini-and-me spa day.

Buy It ($28)

Sponsored gifts under 30 slippers

25. Old Navy Critter Slippers

Show us a kid that wouldn’t flip for these burger-themed slippers, which also come in “shark,” “bear,” “camo bear,” and “tiger,” naturally.

Buy It ($27)

26. Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm Toy Blaster

The 14,000-and-counting Amazon ratings speak volumes about what gifts the kids really want these days.

Buy It ($14)

27. Personalized Pencils

The ultimate stocking stuffer, especially if you emblazon their favorite phrase-of-the-moment (if it has to do with their TikTok obsession, even better) on these colorful pencils.

Buy It ($8)

28. The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs by America’s Test Kitchen

We’re all becoming culinary experts this year, might as well get the kids involved, too.

Buy It ($16)

29. Meketec Skateboards 22-Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard

A (mini) skateboard for less than $30 is as good an excuse as any to enjoy the outdoors when the weather’s nice enough.

Buy It ($26)

30. Monopoly Deal

The card game boils the beloved board game into a shorter but still cutthroat version, ideal for the more distraction-prone among us.

Buy It ($8)