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Dust off your old mixtapes, because the clear, fizzy drink you used to sip while rocking out to "Whoomp! (There It Is)" is officially back.

Yep, Zima and its cool transparent bottle will be available in stores this summer, just in time for your Fourth of July festivities. The citrusy malt beverage, which launched in 1993, was discontinued in 2008 because of declining sales (boo). But because the '90s is the quintessential decade for nostalgia, you can purchase Zima in Walmart locations all over the U.S. until Labor Day. So drink up or forever hold your peace. (Or head on over to Japan, where it actually never went away).

What's next? Crystal Pepsi? Ecto Cooler? One thing's clear: It's time to get out your flannel shirt, stretchy choker and inflatable chair. (We know they're stashed in the attic.)

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