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Whoa, This Whole Foods in NYC Just Added a Produce Butcher
Whole Foods

It’s stir-fry night, but the last thing you feel like doing is spending an hour (or more) chopping up a bunch of peppers and snow peas and baby bok choy.

Whole Foods to the rescue! A new NYC-based location of the natural and organic supermarket chain just added the ultimate stir-fry solution: A produce butcher, available to cut, slice and julienne your veggies on demand.

All you have to do is pick out whatever vegetables your recipe requires. Then, wait a few minutes while the produce butcher—who we’re assuming has some pretty sick knife skills—dices and chops your veggies, then puts them in a to-go bag.

OK, so there’s a nominal fee (according to reports, it’s $1 per pound), but that’s a small price to pay if it means you can get a delicious, veggie-packed dinner on the table extra fast.

Fingers crossed this supermarket trend goes nation-wide soon.

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