Here’s Why You Need to Get on the Steeped Coffee Trend ASAP

I am a coffee lover. Every night, I go to bed looking forward to the first cup I’ll have the next morning, and every morning, it’s the promise of that first cup that gets me up and walking, half-asleep, toward the kitchen.

Making coffee is an inextricable part of my day, and it’s usually something that I enjoy. My only qualm with it is that between measuring out the grounds and timing out the pour over my Chemex, it’s a bit of a process (particularly when you’re groggy). And sometimes you just want a good cup coffee as fast as you can get it...which is where steeped coffee comes in.

What is steeped coffee?

Steeped coffee comes packaged in single-use pouches that look like your average tea bag, only slightly bigger, and brewing a fresh cup is as easy as making yourself a spot of tea. You just plop a bag into your mug of choice, pour hot water over it, and let it steep to your desired taste.

They're great for those mornings when you don't have the time (or necessarily want) to brew an entire pot—or when you want to make a quick second drink between meetings. They’re also handy for traveling...when we can all safely do that again.

Convenience aside, the ones I’ve tried have all been surprisingly tasty as well. Whereas instant coffee has been around forever and is certainly easy to make, it always tasted a bit stale and flat to me. Steeped coffee bags, on the other hand, yield surprisingly bold and fresh flavors.

How do you make steeped coffee?

If you know how to make a cup of tea, you can make steeped coffee, as the process is exactly the same. All you need is hot water and a mug. (I’d advise you go with a bigger cup to account for the larger bag and dunking you’re about to do.)

Simply submerge the coffee bag in hot water, dunk it around your cup for about 15 seconds, and let it steep for up to five minutes or until it reaches your desired taste. Add milk if you please, stir, and it’s ready for sipping.

Another thing: there’s zero cleanup involved. Just toss your used coffee bag into the trash. (The bags we’ve shared below are made from compostable material, so you can dispose of them without the guilt.)

Alrighty, who’s ready to try some steeped coffee?

Our Favorite Steeped Coffee Brands:

1. Lomli Coffee 10-pack Bisou Blend Bundle

Lomli, which is an acronym for “Love of My Life is” (coffee, obviously), was our first introduction to steeped coffee, so it has a special place in our hearts. Each bag features a full-bodied French Roast blend that is as smooth as it is strong. Made with sustainably sourced beans from Colombia and nitro-sealed to guarantee maximum freshness, you get that satisfying aroma as soon as you tear into the bag. We mostly drink ours hot but are happy to report that two bags steeped in a large mason jar overnight yield a delicious cold brew as well.

steeped coffee chamberlain coffee night owl blend
Chamberlain Coffee

2. Chamberlain Coffee Night Owl Blend

Founded by YouTuber and social media star Emma Chamberlain, this California-made blend is available in five flavors. Of those, we’re partial to Night Owl, which is a darker roast that is rich and velvety with notes of dark chocolate and honey. As the name suggests, it’s an optimal drink to in the evening, perhaps after a big meal or if you’re planning to stay up to watch all of Bridgerton.

Buy it ($20)

3. Steeped Coffee Sunrise Blend

If Night Owl is your night cap, then Steeped Coffee’s Sunrise Blend is your wake-up call. With subtle hints of cocoa and fruit, this beautifully balanced blend features coffee from the Huila region of Columbia. So balanced and light, in fact, that we often skip our usual dash of oat milk when drinking it.

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