‘Pastasotto' Is Trending (and Here Are 7 Ways to Try It at Home)

What do you get when pasta and risotto have a really delicious baby? Meet “pastasotto.” It’s pasta that’s cooked by adding small amounts of hot stock or broth and stirring over the stove. But because it cooks way more quickly than rice (think 30 minutes or less), you don’t have to stand over the stove stirring until your wrist falls off to achieve creamy, flavorful results. It’s no wonder the brilliant German technique is trending right now. Here, seven recipes to get you started (and totally hooked).

Baked Chicken and Mushroom Risotto

Erin McDowell

Lemon And Spinach Orzotto

Whip it up when your bestie announces she’s coming over for dinner (with zero notice).

Half Baked Harvest

Quick And Simple Pasta 'risotto' With Herbed Roasted Chickpeas

It looks (and tastes) like it took hours to prepare. No need to set the record straight.

Not Enough Cinnamon

Pastasotto With Arugula And Cherry Tomatoes

Tip: Use your favorite pasta shape (all of them work).

Life Tastes Good

Orzo Pasta With Spinach And Parmesan

The fun part? You can get creative with your mix-ins. (Bring on the Parm.)

Kitchen Conundrum

Dressy Pasta 'risotto'

Aka extraordinary, extra-creamy mac and cheese.

Holly Cooks

Brie And Mushroom Orzotto

Why yes, this is ready in just 20 minutes.

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The Happy Foodie

Red Orzo Risotto With Goat’s Cheese

We’re swooning.