The 11 Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services for Easy and Healthy At-Home Dining

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Dinnertime is approaching and your stomach is growling but alas, nothing in your fridge looks compelling. (We’ve all been there...many times.) Now, imagine this same scenario, but instead of picking up the phone and ordering a greasy pizza or eating eggs for dinner yet again, you simply open up your front door and find a masterfully curated, nutritious meal with your name on it. Sounds pretty great, right? Not only do meal delivery services take the headache out of meal planning, but they can also make healthy eating a, um, piece of cake. And here’s some more good news: There are plenty of convenient meal kits and pre-made meal deliveries out there. We evaluated a whole host of vegetarian meal delivery programs based on price, flexibility and, of course, food quality, and put together a list of our top picks for a range of diets. (Sprinly for our gluten-free friends, Purple Carrot for vegans and Veestro for plant-based eaters of every description, to name a few.) Read on and you’re sure to find the subscription that fits the bill.

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hellofresh vegetarian meal delivery

1. Hellofresh

Best Overall

Chances are you’ve heard of HelloFresh before—this meal kit company has become a big name and for good reason: This delivery service boasts a whole lot of flexibility. Subscribers can choose from plans designed to feed two or four people and which include anywhere from two to six recipes. No matter the size of the plan you sign on for, you’re guaranteed to have at least 50 menu options to choose from, which cover dietary restrictions and lifestyle concerns—including an impressive list of vegetarian options, as well as pescatarian and “Fit & Wholesome” options as well. Think: one-pot chickpea, kale & tomato soup, mushroom gnocchi with sun-dried tomatoes and Parmesan cream sauce and mushroom tempura with roasted green beans and zesty rice.

HelloFresh is not an exclusively vegetarian meal plan, which is convenient, should ever find yourself needing to prepare a vegetarian option in addition to a meal that accommodates meat-eating friends and family. Finally, all of the HelloFresh recipes feature clear nutrition facts for every meal and are designed with healthy eating in mind—but you’ll get something much better than a sad salad bowl for your buck because these meal kits boast some tasty, vegetarian-friendly comfort foods you can really cozy up with.

Price: Naturally, the more recipes you sign on to receive, the better your rate—but the meal plans range from $8 to $12 per serving.

Availability: HelloFresh meal plans can be delivered to every state except Hawaii and Alaska. Bonus: They offer lots of flexibility—meaning that you can swap meals as you see fit, skip deliveries and even put your subscription on pause without penalty.

sun basket vegetarian meal delivery
Sun Basket

2. Sun Basket

Best for Special Diets

Sun Basket serves up a whole host of different menu options, making it an excellent option for vegetarians who want to customize their meal plan even further. Vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free, diabetes-friendly and Paleo are just a few of the tasty options available for subscribers—though it’s worth noting that those with Celiac disease or serious food allergies should look elsewhere since Sun Basket meals come from shared facilities. That said, all the menus share a focus on minimizing food waste and elevating flavor with only fresh, organic produce (and fish from sustainable sources if you so choose). Indeed, the Sun Basket philosophy places a high premium on quality ingredients, so you can count on a delicious dining experience, whether you opt for the quick and easy pre-prepared meals or the classic cook-your-own meal kit option. Some previous veggie winners have included pappardelle with wilted greens, hazelnuts and ricotta salata and five-spiced tofu and walnut lettuce cups with hoisin. Yum.

Price: This weekly delivery service requires that you pick at least two recipes per week, at a cost that begins at $11 per serving. Some recipes are pricier than others, but you can tailor your delivery (and the expense) to your needs by adjusting the serving size for any recipes you select, depending on how big a meal you want or how many mouths you’re hoping to feed.

Availability: Sun Basket currently ships to most zip codes in the United States—but if you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, and some parts of New Mexico, you’re out of luck. Also, keep in mind that not all delivery days are available in all areas, so depending where you live, this one might work best if you have a more flexible schedule.

purple carrot vegetarian meal delivery
Purple Carrot

3. Purple Carrot

Best for Vegans

“Choose plants” is the Purple Carrot motto, so it should come as no surprise that this plant-based meal plan caters exclusively to the vegetarian diet. Better still—for our vegan friends, at least—is that none of the recipes call for dairy or non-vegan ingredients of any kind. Yep, the Purple Carrot meal plan has precious little (read, nothing) to do with animals and their byproducts—a fact that you can easily verify, since full ingredient lists and nutrition facts are accessible for each and every recipe. That said, you don’t have to be vegan or even dairy-free to thoroughly enjoy the health-conscious menu this delivery service brings to the table. So, what can you expect? Think steaming bowls of broccoli (not-)cheddar soup, lemon-braised chickpeas and the best General Tso’s tofu you’ve ever tasted. Best of all, Purple Carrot offers customizable meal plans that include lunch and breakfast options to boot.

Price: Purple Carrot allows you to skip deliveries, or cancel your subscription entirely, whenever you wish, without a slap on the wrist. As for the pricing, the basic two-serving plan includes three dinners per week and clocks in at $12 per serving, while the four-serving family plan includes two dinners at a $10 per serving cost.

Availability: This subscription service covers all of the contiguous United States (i.e., Alaska and Hawaii are a no-go).

veestro vegetarian meal delivery

4. Veestro

Best Heat-and-Eat

There are nights you want to dabble in the culinary arts...and others when you just want dinner on the table stat. If you’re familiar with the latter, you’ll be relieved to know that Veestro takes care of the cooking for you. Yup, you don’t even need to feel inspired and motivated to enjoy a gourmet, veggie-packed dinner on the regular—namely because Veestro was designed with both your New Year’s resolution and your inner couch potato in mind. The end result? A diverse selection of plant-based recipes—from breakfast burritos and jackfruit jambalaya to tofu red curry and meatless lasagna—that you don’t need to prep or cook, and are sure to hit the spot. Bonus: Veestro offers a take-it-or-leave-it a la carte menu (with options for 10, 20 and 30 meals per week) as well as a weight-loss meal plan which provides three meals a day (five or seven days per week) for those who want to watch their calories.

Price: Veestro meals begin at $11 per meal if you spring for 30 meals per week, but at $13 per meal, even the 10 meal options is a bargain for chef-prepped, restaurant quality meals that require nothing more than a reheat. Plus, both the a la carte and weight-loss menus allow you to cancel or pause at any time.

Availability: Veestro ships their meals in insulated boxes to all of the United States, except for Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

hungry root vegetarian meal delivery

5. Hungryroot

Best for Quick Meals

Unlike Veestro, Hungryroot does not deliver heat-and-eat meals; instead, this service delivers fresh groceries along with chef-created recipes to ensure your premium produce doesn’t go to waste. In other words, you’re not off the hook for cooking, but because all the Hungryroot recipes come together in less than 10 minutes, it’s not such a big deal. How it works: You take a quiz and tell Hungryroot all about your likes, dislikes and dietary needs (i.e., no meat, please) and the service fills your virtual grocery cart with wholesome ingredients along with clear instructions for how to use them to cook quick and delicious meals at home. (Think: A plant-based mushroom melt for lunch and a peanut Thai tofu bowl for dinner.) Best of all, you get a chance to look your cart over before it ships, so you can remove any items that don’t speak to you. In other words, if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to clean up your eating habits and cut down on trips to the store, Hungryroot will not disappoint.

Price: Plans start at $65 per week, which gets you three two-serving meals per week; though larger plans and four-serving family plans are available, too.

Availability: Hungryroot delivers to all 48 contiguous states, but there are some dead zones on their delivery map, so you’ll need to enter your zip code at sign-up to ensure the service is available in your area.

green chef vegetarian meal delivery
Green Chef

6. Green Chef

Best for Variety

Green Chef is a meal kit delivery service that provides fresh, high-quality ingredients and fool-proof recipes so even amateurs in the kitchen can cook their own restaurant quality meals at home. Of course, the meals focus on clean and healthy eating, but the innovative recipes are what really set Green Chef apart—so you can dig into a plate of cauliflower piccata pasta or plant-based protein flautas instead of groaning over that third rice bowl in a row. (We’re also very into the pinto bean patties and lemon, ricotta and veggie flatbreads.) All the ingredients are sustainably-sourced and USDA-certified organic. Plus, they arrive already prepped—yep, no chopping—and wrapped in eco-friendly packaging. Green Chef offers plans for meat-eaters too, but their plant-powered option is 100 percent vegetarian-friendly (and can be customized to accommodate a vegan diet as well).

Price: Green Chef plans start at $11 per serving for three to four meals per week for four to six people, but there are also options for fewer servings and for two people.

Availability: Green Chef ships insulated meal kits to all of the United States except Hawaii, Alaska and certain parts of Louisiana.

martha stewart and marley spoon vegetarian meal delivery
Marley Spoon

7. Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon

Best Artisanal Ingredients

Martha Stewart’s meal delivery service has made a splash due to its focus on sourcing ingredients from small family-owned farms and artisanal producers for superior quality food. These meal kits come with easy-to-follow instructions (with photos, too) and pre-portioned ingredients, all clearly sorted so they stick with the intended recipe. Although this delivery service doesn’t have a plan designed specifically for vegetarians, the rotating menu reliably offers numerous tasty vegetarian options, ranging from broccoli cheddar taquitos to cheesy tortellini Parm to plant-based meatloaf (pictured here). The takeaway? This meal delivery service doesn’t offer quite as many vegetarian choices, but the ones available are bound to become instant favorites.

Price: Plans start from just $2 per serving for the two person two meals per week plan and go up to $7 per serving, and subscribers can reschedule, pause or cancel deliveries at any time.

Availability: The Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon meal delivery service ships to all 48 contiguous states, but certain areas may not be served so you’ll need to check you zip code at sign up.

vegetarian meal delivery services sprinly

8. Sprinly

Best Gluten-free

Sprinly is a subscription service offering individually packaged pre-made meals, approved by a nutritionist and prepared with only the highest quality ingredients. The six meal menu, which changes on a weekly basis and can be viewed in advance, is plant-based, nutrient rich and 100 percent gluten-free. As such, those following a gluten-free diet needn’t worry about cross-contamination—a common concern and one that can make mealtime particularly complicated for those with Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. As previously mentioned, the meals are pre-made, which means gluten-free folks can enjoy good eats without the hassle of prep work or cooking. What type of good eats, you ask? A recent weekly menu boasted mushroom lentil sliders, Mediterranean veggie kofta crumble and mac and “cheese” with steamed broccoli and “bacon.”

Price: Depending on the plan you choose, you can have either 6, 12 or 18 heat-and-eat meals delivered to your doorstep on a weekly basis for $109, $199 and $289, respectively. The portion size of each meal is roughly 1 to 1.5 servings, or between 14 and 20 ounces, and all plans provide customers with the option to skip, pause or cancel at any time.

Availability: Sprinly is currently shipping throughout the Midwest, East Coast and South. West Coasters interested in the service should check for updates on the website, as the company is actively working to expand their delivery zone.

vegetarian meal delivery services blue apron
Blue Apron

9. Blue Apron

Best for Couples

If you have (pipe) dreams of achieving top chef status in the kitchen, Blue Apron is the meal kit subscription for you. Each meal delivery consists of pre-measured ingredients and chef-designed recipes that are both foolproof and fast to prepare, so subpar home cooks can churn out restaurant quality dishes without breaking a sweat. The vegetarian meal plan features creative and satisfying classics (think: spicy white bean and spinach shakshuka and creamy tomato pasta with chickpeas). That said, the only meat-free plan is designed for two people, which is why it’s our top pick for vegetarian couples.

Price: Blue Apron’s vegetarian meal subscription allows customers to receive either two or three recipes per week, each producing two full serving meals, and priced at $3 and $4 per serving respectively. Customers can opt to skip deliveries within three to five days of the delivery date, and up to five weeks in advance.

Availability: Blue Apron currently delivers to all zip codes in the continental United States.

vegetarian meal delivery services home chef
Home Chef

10. Home Chef

Best for Families with Vegetarians and Meat Eaters at Home

Home Chef offers both meal kits and pre-made meal subscriptions, both of which include a weekly menu featuring twenty different meals to choose from. Although the options are many, most of them are geared towards meat eaters, and only two vegetarian meals are available every week. That said, happy customers report that the recipes are easy to prepare, generously portioned and truly delish. Think: butternut squash and black bean enchiladas, creamy tomato skillet lasagna and sesame tofu rice bowls. The takeaway? Vegetarians cohabitating with carnivores will appreciate that this meal delivery service has something tasty for everyone in the family.

Price: You can sign on to receive anywhere from two to six servings per week with Home Chef, with prices starting at $7 per serving, plus the cost of shipping (which varies depending on where you live). Customers are also free to skip deliveries whenever they wish, provided they do so by the Friday before the scheduled delivery, and subscriptions can be cancelled without penalty at any time (and without any time-consuming calls to customer service).

Availability: Home Chef is available from coast to coast, but you’ll need to check your zip code on the website to ensure that it is serviced.

vegetarian meal delivery services territory foods
Territory Foods

11. Territory Foods

Best for Picky Eaters

Options abound when you sign up for a Territory Foods subscription—a meal delivery service that brings healthy, pre-made dishes to your door as often as twice a week. Indeed, customers get to choose from a rotating menu that boasts up to 90 different meal choices each week, all of which are free of gluten and refined sugar. As for the vegetarian options, they’re easy to filter and feature everything from lentil shepherd’s pie with garlicky green beans to rice noodle pad thai. Best of all, Territory Foods serves up hearty meals you can dig into at lunch and dinner, as well as breakfast and a la carte snack choices—so depending on the plan you choose, you could potentially be free from the hassle of cooking for the whole week.

Price: Territory Foods offers plans that deliver up to 12 meals, twice a week. Pricing is customized based on desired portion size, with the option to pay $11 per meal for a smaller serving or $14 per meal for a full-size portion. You can also choose to test the waters with a one-time delivery before opting into a recurring subscription, and edit the number of meals delivered at any time.

Availability Territory Foods currently delivers to many major metropolitan areas including NYC, Philly, D.C., Dallas, Houston, and the Bay Area, plus most of SoCal and the East Coast. Check the website to see if your specific zip code is serviced.

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