9 Valentine’s Day Treats That Are Easy to Make with Your Kids

Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with people you love, so what better way to celebrate than embarking on a kitchen adventure with your kiddos? Whether you’re whipping up classic chocolate mousse or a more festive creation (dessert lasagna, yum), your kids can help top it all off with icing, sprinkles and plenty of kisses. Here, nine sweet Valentine’s Day treats to make together. 

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1. Red Velvet Lava Cakes

You helped your kid with her volcano for science class, so she’ll be thrilled to help you whip up these quick and easy lava cakes.

2. Chrissy Teigen’s 3-ingredient Chocolate Mousse

Thank Luna’s mom for a tasty dessert that’s so easy a toddler could make it.

3. Raspberry Rose Chocolate Cupcakes For Two

Double or triple this recipe for chocolate cupcakes—topped with yummy raspberry icing—to feed the whole family.

4. Easy Valentine’s Day Nougat

Whip up this festive nougat in just 15 minutes, then play Ticket to Ride with the kids as it chills for a few hours.

5. No-bake Dessert Lasagna

The kids will have a blast layering this dessert lasagna together (but good luck explaining to them why you have to wait until after dinner to eat it).

6. Raspberry-vanilla Smoothies

A sweet pink treat doesn’t have to be unhealthy. That’s why we’re sipping Liz Harris’s raspberry-vanilla smoothie made with almond milk and bananas.

7. Heart Pancakes

Your kids wake up at 6 a.m. no matter what, so make the best of it and whip up Maria Lichty’s adorable pancakes.

8. Valentine’s Popcorn

A little bit sweet for your insatiable sugar fiends, and a little bit savory for you.

9. Gluten-free Apple Rose Tart

What makes this gluten-free apple tart so kid-friendly? Letting the little ones twist up the apple roses for the topping.

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