We Can’t Stop Dreaming About TikTok’s Viral Coconut Cloud Smoothie

A $17 smoothie may sound like sacrilege to you—unless you live in Los Angeles. In that case, it’s just another bev that’s arguably worth the hype (and cash). In case non-Californians don’t believe us, the viral coconut cloud smoothie from Erewhon, an organic LA grocery store, is proof. Loaded with wholesome ingredients and named after a lifestyle influencer, shoppers flocked to the store’s Tonic Bar to get a taste of the marbled cerulean sipper before it was taken off the menu. As for the rest of us, we have TikTokkers’ ingenious DIY takes to lean on. Read on to learn about the fabled coconut cloud smoothie and for tips on making one at home.

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The famed beverage started as a collab between Erewhon (aka a bougie line of grocery stores that’s beloved by celebrity shoppers) and Marianna Hewitt, a lifestyle influencer and podcaster. Available during the month of March, the $17 smoothie was made with MALK almond milk, Zuma Valley coconut cream, avocado, almond butter, banana, pineapple, vanilla collagen, vanilla stevia and Blue Majik. Blue Majik may sound like a fancy new strain of cannabis, but it’s actually a type of spirulina—or blue-green algae—that turns the drink blue. Spirulina is often touted as a superfood, thanks to its protein, iron, B12, beta-carotene, vitamin A and iodine content.

The price, of course, motivated people to attempt whipping one up themselves, and a slew of TikTok users were kind enough to let the world in on their hacks. There are many variations of the viral recipe now, some of which include alternate ingredients like milk, yogurt and honey. Some creative smoothie lovers line the inside of their glasses with coconut cream or yogurt “clouds” before pouring in the sky-blue smoothie, a picturesque deviation from the look of the O.G. (At Erewhon, fluffy coconut cream was added to the bottom of the cup, then deep blue spirulina was sprinkled in and the light blue smoothie was poured on top, resulting in a marbled, three-tone appearance.)

Most reviewers say the smoothie is fruity, tropical, filling and not excessively sweet. What really makes it worth $17 though (er…maybe) is the light-as-air texture, which many say lives up to the smoothie’s cloud-inspired name. To ensure that the smoothie turns out as frothy and fluffy as possible, chill and whip the coconut cream before adding it to the bottom of your glass and the blender. When you make it at home, you can skip the collagen to make the smoothie vegan or save yourself the splurge (although collagen is purported to boost joint and skin health), but we’d argue the spirulina is essential to any Erewhon knockoff.

How To Make A Coconut Cloud Smoothie

We love I Am A Food Blog’s recipe, which includes all the original ingredients plus vanilla extract. The recipe calls for freezing all of the produce instead of using ice, which makes for a thicker, creamier consistency. You can cut as many corners as you’d like, whether that means working with whatever produce you have on hand (though you should keep in mind that berries and greens may alter the drink’s blue color) or using dairy instead of coconut cream and almond milk. In fact, the video above shows the smoothie being made with nothing but yogurt, milk, pineapple and honey. We’ve even seen pink and purple takes on the coconut cloud smoothie, which use dragon fruit and blueberries in place of the tropical fruits of the original. Basically, the blender is your oyster.

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