10 Things to Buy at Erewhon This Month, From Smoothies to Sushi

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What started as a small chain over 40 years ago, Erewhon has morphed into Los Angeles’ niche, wellness-minded grocery store chain with a cult following and a reputation as the city’s most expensive food market. (No wonder celebs like Demi Lovato, Jake Gyllenhaal and Kaia Gerber love it.) Prices aside, though, Erewhon’s customers know the store is the place to discover new and unique brands in the wellness space, not to mention stock up on amazing products exclusively sold at Erewhon (oh hello, delicious smoothie). Here are 10 must-try items to sample on your next trip.

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1. JOYO Sparkling Tea

One of the newest beverages to hit Erewhon’s shelves is the collection of JOYO’s adaptogenic sparkling teas from life coach Jay Shetty. The teas come in five different flavors (like peach black tea and tropical green tea) and contain a blend of five adaptogens including lions mane extract, reishi extract and panax ginseng extract. Packaged in vibrant and eye-catching cans, these sparkling teas are refreshing, fun and exclusively at Erewhon’s stores.

2. Churn Cacio e Pepe Butter

However you feel about the butter board trend, there is no denying that it’s very much a thing. But whether you are putting it on a board or not, Churn’s flavored, grass-fed butter is a great addition to your refrigerator. Grab the salty, cheesy cacio e pepe spread—loaded with Parmesan, pecorino and black pepper—to upgrade your bread rolls, or use it for an easy way to whip up some classic spaghetti cacio e pepe.

3. Sea Moss Gel

High in vitamins and minerals, sea moss gel is the latest ingredient making waves in the wellness world. While Erewhon has been offering this product for a while, they recently launched their own Erewhon-branded sea moss gel. Sourced from St. Lucia, the store’s gel comes in four different varieties: Pure Luna (containing only sea moss and water), Golden Sol (blended with turmeric, ginger and other spices), Neptune Blue (made with spirulina) and Cosmic Berry (elderberries and rose hip, among other ingredients).

4. Blood Orange Jooliettes

Dates are loaded with antioxidants and fiber, not to mention totally delicious. Erewhon has recently stocked up on some new date products from various brands, but we can’t stop thinking about Jooliettes, the chocolate covered diced dates from California-based Joolies. Available in multiple flavors (we’re fans of the dark chocolate covered blood orange ones), these little gems are the perfect pre- or post-workout snack.

5. Maple Pecan Rich Nuts

Erewhon may not go as hard on holiday seasonal items as a certain other grocery store chain, but there are certainly a number of season-appropriate finds that are downright festive, like the sprouted maple pecans from Rich Nuts. Made using organic sprouted pecans, maple syrup, vanilla extract and sea salt, these nuts are crunchy, nutrient-dense and seriously tasty.

6. POOSH Potion Detox Smoothie

The smoothies at Erewhon are undoubtedly some of the most popular things to buy, with new flavors and celebrity collabs popping up all the time. And the latest fruit and veggie blend we’re buzzing about is POOSH Potion Detox smoothie created by Kourtney Kardashian Barker. Made with Harmless Harvest’s coconut water and vanilla coconut yogurt, MALK almond milk, avocado, blueberries, banana, maple syrup, hyaluronic acid and fulvic drops, the drink gets its unique black and white look from charcoal. The special smoothie will be available at Erewhon until November 15 so don’t delay!

7. Thanksgiving Dinner

Why slave over the stove all holiday long when you can have the experts at Erewhon do the work for you? Choose from a variety of different family meals, including a vegan menu (lasagna, green beans, wild rice stuffing, brussels sprouts, pumpkin pie) and a more traditional spread (turkey, sourdough and roasted veggie stuffing, mashed potatoes, deep dish pumpkin pie).

8. Red Belly Honey

Red Belly Honey is the world’s first raw hemp honey infused directly by bees. How does that work exactly? On top of gathering food and pollinating flowers per usual, these bees also eat from a special hemp nectar (and apparently the hemp is good for the bees too). The honey is said to help calm anxiety and improve sleep without the bitterness of most other CBD products. Not only is the honey available at all Erewhon stores, starting in November the tonic bar will also serve a special Red Belly Honey CBD Longevity tea, available both hot and cold. Yum!

Available in-store

9. Plant-based Sushi

No, we’re not just talking about the vegetable rolls that have been available at Erewhon’s sushi bars for a while now, but rather new plant-based sushi offerings made from Fysh Foods, the latest in the plant-based seafood alternatives. Fysh Foods uses a blend of vegetables, tapioca and algae to create raw fish alternatives and two of Erewhon’s sushi bars offer these innovative sushi rolls, spicy “fysh” on crispy rice and hand rolls. You can find them at Erewhon Beverly Grove and Studio City locations, though the quantities do tend to be limited at the moment and sell out quickly.

Available in-store

10. Sweet Laurel’s Pumpkin Spice Caramel Cake

Put a twist on pumpkin spice desserts with a slice of Sweet Laurel’s pumpkin spice caramel cake. Everything from this LA-based bakery is grain-free, dairy-free, keto-friendly, and doesn’t use any refined sugar. This seasonal offering combines pumpkin cake with chai spiced coconut cream and vegan caramel. It is currently available by-the-slice at Erewhon.

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