The Best Ice Cream in NYC, Ranked

One Szechuan-peppercorn-chocolate cone, please

In NYC, you have your pick of the best of the best, including melty Nutella gelato stuffed in a donut, wasabi ice cream in a waffle cone and the one and only Salty Pimp. (Trust us, it’s amazing.)

Here is the best ice cream NYC has to offer.

best ice cream nyc shake shack
Facebook/Shake Shack

22. Shake Shack

Come for the ShackBurger; stay for the frozen custard. The flavors rotate once a week, so grab your cherry streusel in a cup while it lasts.

Multiple locations in New York City; 646-545-4600 or

21. Sundaes And Cones

Sorry, no vanilla here. Try the black sesame and wasabi in a waffle cone.

95 E. Tenth St. (at Third Ave.); 212-979-9398 or

best ice cream nyc black tap
Black Tap Burgers & Beer

20. Black Tap

You’ll wait for the better part of the day outside to score one of these epic milkshakes, so go on a nice day and work on your tan.

529 Broome St. (at Sullivan St.); 917-639-3089 or

best ice cream nyc a la mode shoppe
A La Mode Shoppe

19. A La Mode Shoppe

This shop for kids is dairy- and nut-free, and the blue cotton candy marshmallow is sure to satisfy even the pickiest eater.

360 E. 55th St. (at First Ave.); 917-639-3401 or

best ice cream nyc mo gelato
M'o Il Gelato

18. M'o Il Gelato

Grab a cup of decadent artisanal gelato, and if you want to get really crazy, try the Nutella gelato-stuffed panino. Drool

178 Mulberry St. (at Broome St.); 212-226-6758 or

17. Big Gay Ice Cream

One bite of the Salty Pimp (yep, you heard us) and you’ll never be the same again.

Locations in the East and West Village; 212-533-9333 or

16. Superiority Burger

When this joint isn’t slinging the best damn vegan burger known to man, it’s serving up scoops of gelato and sorbet. Try a vanilla-labne gelato and strawberry sorbet twist.

430 E. Ninth St. (at Ave. A); 212-256-1192 or

15. Il Laboratorio Del Gelato

At this ice-cream lab, you can get a taste of experimental flavors like fresh basil, mascarpone and butternut squash.

188 Ludlow St. (at E. Houston St.); 212-343-9922 or

14. Eggloo

This oh-so-Instagrammable sweet treat isn’t kidding around--the ice cream is wrapped inside a giant homemade waffle.

60 Mulberry St. (at Bayard St.)

13. 10below

Speaking of Instagram moments, have you met Thai ice cream rolls? They’re melted on a metal plate, then scraped up into ribbons, and they’ll get tons of likes from your followers.

10 Mott St. (at Bowery); 212-965-1336 or

best ice cream nyc dominique ansel kitchen
Dominique Ansel Kitchen

12. Dominique Ansel Kitchen

Three words: Burrata soft serve.

137 Seventh Ave. S. (at Charles St.); 212-242-5111 or

11. Mikey Likes It Ice Cream

It’s Hillary Clinton’s favorite ice cream in NYC, so we’re with her on this one.

199 Ave. A (at 12th St.); 646-896-1836 or

10. Milkmade

There’s a new flavor handcrafted every month, so get your hands on the New York-style-cheesecake ice cream with a graham-cracker crust while it lasts.

204 Sackett St. (at Henry St.), Brooklyn;

best ice cream nyc brooklyn bell
Brooklyn Bell?s the Local

9. Brooklyn Bell's The Local

Black-lava-caramel ice cream with real Hawaiian lava salt? Don’t mind if we do.

843 Classon Ave. (at Lincoln Pl.), Brooklyn; 718-399-2613 or

best ice cream nyc eataly

8. Eataly

Brave the crowds for a scoop of pistachio. It’s worth it.

200 Fifth Ave. (at 23rd St.); 212-229-2560 or

ny icecream list16
The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

7. The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

Looking for adventure? Try the banana durian.

65 Bayard St. (at Mott St.); 212-608-4170 or

best ice cream nyc ample hills
Ample Hills Creamery

6. Ample Hills Creamery

One scoop of salted crack caramel, please. Actually, make it two--we’re not driving.

Multiple locations in New York City; 347-240-3926 or

best ice cream nyc davey s
Davey's Ice Cream

5. Davey's Ice Cream

There’s a reason this shop is an East Village institution, and that reason is speculoos ice cream.

137 First Ave. (at St. Mark’s Pl.); 212-228-8032 or

4. Ice & Vice

Oh, just a sensible dessert--Mexican vanilla and black-lava salt in a blue-corn honey cone, with a malted vanilla and Mexican-chocolate-brownie-ice-cream sandwich on top. You know, the usual.

221 E. Broadway (at Clinton St.); 646-678-3687 or

best ice cream nyc van leeuwen artisan
Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

3. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

Good news, vegans: This East Village shop makes a very tasty peanut butter chocolate chip just for you.

48 E. Seventh St. (at Second Ave.); 718-715-0758 or

best ice cream nyc oddfellows
Oddfellows Ice Cream

2. Oddfellows Ice Cream

Yeah, we’ll take three scoops of carrot cake cream cheese, please. It’s not like you can get that flavor anywhere else.

175 Kent Ave. (at N. 3rd St.); 347-599-0556 or

best ice cream nyc morgenstern s finest
Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream

1. Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream

If Szechuan-peppercorn-chocolate ice cream is wrong, then we don’t wanna be right. (Bonus points for prettiest scoops.)

2 Rivington St. (at Bowery); 212-209-7684 or