If You Thought Hot Cocoa Bombs Were Cool, Just Wait Until You See Tea Bombs

Hot chocolate bombs—those chocolate balls filled with cocoa, mini marshmallows and all the fixings—had a real moment at the end of 2020. But thanks to a slew of TikTok creators, they’re already yesterday’s trend. Behold, the next DIY drink project on your list: homemade tea bombs.

Tea bombs work just like their cocoa-filled predecessors, but they’re arguably a hundred times prettier depending on what’s inside them. The balls are made from liquid sugar, which is poured into a sphere mold and solidified. The balls are then filled with tea leaves, edible flowers, dried fruit and other gorgeous add-ins.

When the ball is ready to close, you melt the edges and stick them together. Once it’s in one piece, you can wrap it up to gift a friend or you can indulge yourself. Once hot water is poured over it, the ball will begin to dissolve and you’ll be left with lightly sweetened tea.

We’ve seen countless takes on tea bombs on our feeds, but we already have a few favorite ideas. Follow The Hive Bake Shop’s lead by flavoring the liquid sugar before waiting for it to harden, or save yourself some time by using a store-bought tea bag instead of loose tea leaves (like @fooddlights). We also love the idea of adding some edible glitter to the mix like @spicedbysadaf for a magical finishing touch or adding dehydrated lemon for a classic citrusy twist (thanks, @beautyanddasweetz).

If you want to get in on the trend, silicone molds only cost a few bucks on Amazon. If you want to get in on the trend without melting your own sugar, try sprucing up one of these dried flower petal balls with sugar, herbs and whatever else your heart desires. Happy sipping.

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