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Dairy-Free Friends, Rejoice: This Almond Milk Yogurt Tastes Exactly Like the Real Thing

There are two things that really suck about giving up dairy: No cheese and no yogurt. Thanks to great advances in the faux-cheese world by Daiya and Field Roast, we’ve gotten our lasagna and pizza cravings under control. But we’ve been waiting years for a decent dairy-free yogurt to hit grocery store shelves. And hooray, the time has finally come.

What is it? Silk Almond Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative (say that three times fast). It has the same amount of protein as whole milk yogurt, no saturated fat and contains active cultures, just like traditional yogurt does. 

Does it really taste exactly like yogurt? Yep, the flavor is nearly identical. The consistency is slightly soupier than traditional yogurt, but it’s a damn good substitute, both to eat with your morning granola and as a sub for yogurt in recipes (like spicy whole roasted cauliflower). There is one drawback—all of the flavors contain added cane sugar, including the plain. Fingers crossed that a sugar-free version is in the works. 

Where can I get it? It’s in most grocery stores throughout the U.S. right now, with flavors including peach, strawberry, dark chocolate coconut and strawberry.

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