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The Secret Ingredient for Fluffier Pancakes and Waffles
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It’s a glorious Saturday morning. With no work to do, you lounge around in your PJs before moseying into the kitchen to prep a piping hot latte (in this scenario, you have a coffee-shop-quality espresso machine) and a breakfast that you don’t have to eat in transit while answering emails. You decide on pancakes. You whip up a batch, chow down while gazing out the window at a perfect day and smile at having achieved nirvana. 

The only way this dream morning could get better? If your pancakes were fluffier. 

Lucky for you, this is an easy fix. All you have to do is swap out the water in your go-to recipe with—wait for it—seltzer.

We learned this secret from a friend’s ex-boyfriend’s mom, but apparently the science behind it is that when the batter heats up and cooks, the air bubbles in the seltzer expand, causing the pancakes to puff up to new heights. (FYI, this also works for waffles.)

Consider your Saturday morning forever changed.

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