The 7 Recipes That Are Getting Us Through Quarantine

While the Texas stay-at-home orders are slowly lifting, we cannot stop cooking the things we learned to perfect during our time spent at home. But it’s more than sourdough (bread was so weeks one through three of quarantine). We are all about the more complex recipes that range from upgraded margaritas to decadent and flavor-filled mains. And while going out to eat is going to be nice, we’ll never forget the time we learned how to properly dine in.

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1. frothy Whipped Coffee White Russian

You’ve seen the various whipped coffee recipes that have taken the internet by storm, but they all seem to pale in comparison to this dessert-y delight. Because why shouldn’t our coffee have ice cream and alcohol in it? We are, after all, in the midst of a global pandemic. There are no rules here.

2. 20-minute Orzo Carbonara With Crispy Prosciutto And Burrata

Before we left queen Tieghan’s page, we wanted to share one more Half Baked Harvest recipe that truly takes the cake for equal parts easy and delicious. Bouncy burrata and crispy prosciutto come together in this recipe to turn your ordinary orzo dish into a beautiful basil creation that feels fresh off the fields of Florence. A special shout out to my neighbor, Natalie, for turning me on to this delicious dish.

3. clayton’s Margarita

Dallas loves The Defined Dish. And what’s not to love? Alex is a mom of two and keeps it real in the kitchen with healthy dishes that result in all members of the family being a part of the clean-plate club. Her hubby Clayton is also getting a little time in the quarantine spotlight with his take on the margarita, which includes eggs whites and Tajin. As much as we love Alex, we might just love tequila just a smidgen more. I mean, we’re Texans, it’s in our blood. She’ll definitely understand.

4. potato-chip Crusted Chicken With Arugula Pesto

Chicken parm, but make it with potato chips. Yaaaaas. These are the kind of inventive quarantine heroes that we need circulating on the world wide web. Don’t act like you don’t have a bag of chips stashed away for one of the harder days. And the pesto recipe that accompanies it? Poetry. In. Your. Mouth. So good.

5. cheater’s Sicilian-style Pizza With Jalapenos And Honey

Jalapeños are basically a food group in Texas, so it’s no surprise that we had to find something new that incorporated our prized pepper. Thanks to this bomb-dot-com recipe for teaching us that this style of pizza is surprisingly easy to make at home. Pro tip: Don’t skip on the high-quality pepperoni. Might we suggest sourcing from Jimmy’s? You can thank us later.

6. banana Cream Pie Parfaits

Thanks to our girl Gaby Dalkin, who showed the world that you can do more with bananas besides make banana bread. This recipe calls for two ripe ones, so don’t go getting crazy and let them turn too brown on the kitchen island. We love that you can make all the ingredients a day in advance and assemble them the morning of. Because as much time as we have these days, we also seem to strangely never have enough.

7. bangkok Coconut Curry Noodle Bowls

Easy to throw together and packed with veggies. This beautiful bowl has everything you need for a weeknight-winning meal. Its depth of flavor goes far beyond anything that you can find in a takeout bag and its spicy sauce packs a major punch. Lindsay from A Pinch of Yum uses pre-chopped broccoli, onions, and shredded carrots, so we shall copy her. I mean, we wouldn’t want to upset the teacher now, would we?

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