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The Surprising Way You Should Actually Cut an Avocado
Laura Wing-Kamoosi

Oh, avocados. How we love thee. Let us count the ways: In a big, heaping molcajete of guacamole…nestled inside a spicy tuna roll…layered on top of a toasty slice of bread…we could go on and on. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been preparing these little fruits by scooping out the inside. But as it turns out, instead of scooping an avocado, you can actually peel it. Here’s how and why.

What you need: A California Avocado and a chef’s knife.

What to do: After washing the avocado, cut it lengthwise around the pit. Rotate the avocado a quarter turn and cut lengthwise again. (You should end up with quartered segments.) Separate the quarters and carefully remove the pit with your fingers. Starting at the tip of an avocado quarter, gently peel back the skin. Voilà.

Why it works: Peeling back the skin allows you to reap the benefits of the most nutrient-dense part of the fruit: the dark-green section closest to the peel, an area often left behind when using the scooping method. This portion of California Avocados contains the greatest amount of carotenoids, which are beneficial plant pigments that help protect our bodies from certain cancers and heart disease. Plus, carotenoids help boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. Hey, the more you know.

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