Oreo Just Launched Its Most Meta Flavor Yet

the most oreo oreo

If you thought the Oreo aisle wasn’t saturated enough (last we checked, there were more flavors than we could count on two hands), you’re in luck: Everyone’s favorite sandwich cookie brand is getting a new addition, and it might be the most over-the-top one yet: Introducing the Most Oreo Oreo.

The name doesn’t reveal much, but it’s a “Most Stuf” Oreo—that is, it has the most filling, more than Double Stuf, even—featuring creme that’s stuffed with bits of Oreo cookie. In laymen’s terms, it’s a giant cookies-and-cream flavored Oreo.

This is all part of the brand’s unveiling of the OREOVERSE, a digital playground of sorts for Oreo fans. The cookie is meta…the metaverse…we get it.

The face of the launch? None other than Martha Stewart, who will make various appearances on Oreo’s social media channels to stream her OREOVERSE experience.

For everyone else, the Oreo metaverse experience can be accessed via a scanned code on the packaging. According to the brand, it has multiple levels of cookie-themed games such as “Stack Stuf,” (users build the Most Oreo Oreo cookie) and “Rocket Stuf” (users inflate the Most Oreo Oreo cookie and aim for the stars).

Most importantly, tasting notes: PureWow executive editor Candace Davison tried the Most Oreo Oreo, and here’s her review: “If you’re the type who eats the frosting and leaves the cake behind at a party, you’ll like these, because they taste like 90 percent creme filling, with the slight snap of cookies.”

Although the The Most Oreo Oreo cookie was available for pre-order on, it’s currently out of stock. No worries, though: Find it on shelves nationwide starting January 30 for a limited time.

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