Was Your 2020 Birthday a Bust? Milk Bar Wants to Help You Do It Over With a Free Cake

milk bar birthday do over cake giveaway

Among the many plans that 2020 canceled, none were quite as universal as all the birthdays. And let’s be honest: Virtual parties, while a nice thought, aren’t the same as an IRL celebration. Milk Bar, the beloved NYC dessert company founded by chef Christina Tosi, wants to make up for it, so they declared July to be National Birthday Do Over Month.

Oh, and as of 10 a.m. EST on July 22nd, Milk Bar will be giving away 2,020 of its signature birthday cakes to help people re-do their 2020 birthday.  

Here’s how it works: Beginning at 10 a.m., the first 2,020 people to order any cake on the Milk Bar website or in stores will be awarded a free credit for a birthday-flavored cake at

In addition to the extremely enticing possibility of a free cake (or, you know, the chance to share one with a friend), Milk Bar is celebrating its Birthday Do Over Month with a new Milk Bar Ice Cream Sammie on the menu—a treat that involves its new Birthday Cake ice cream sandwiched between two soft-baked Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow cookies. There’a also a Postmates-exclusive Belated Birthday Pint, which layers Cereal Milk soft serve, fudge sauce, B'day cake pieces, B'day crumb and sprinkles. (Both are available through the end of July.)

While we’ll take pretty much any excuse to enjoy a piece of cake, we like the way Tosi sums it up: “It doesn’t matter how many ‘Happy Birthday’s’ you sung from afar, or when your own big day is—our mission this July is to give you as many excuses as possible to spark joy, create cause for celebration and Do Over what didn’t go according to plan last year.” Happy b-day to us.

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