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In our book, all cakes are pretty magical. (Give us butter and sugar and frosting and, we promise, we’re feeling spellbound.) But there’s a different kind of “magic” cake, and it's one you totally need to try.

What is magic cake? Basically, it’s loose cake batter that magically separates into three layers as it bakes, creating a cake layer on top, a custard layer in the middle and another dense and crusty custard layer on the bottom. Yummm. 

OK, but is it easy to make? Sure is. In fact, magic cake calls for the same ingredients as regular cakes, for the most part (egg whites, sugar, butter, flour and milk). The main difference is that you basically slow cook the cake for 50 or 60 minutes at 325°F. This causes the bottom layer to cook while the top layers do their own thing. 

Want to try it? This recipe for Chocolate Custard Magic Cake is a good jumping off point. Insider tip: It tastes best if you let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours after it bakes.

Patience is a virtue. Especially when magic chocolate cake is on the line. 

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