18 Breakfast Recipes That Are on the Macro Diet

There’s a bespoke sign in our kitchen that reads, “Don’t talk to us about our diet until we’ve had our coffee.” OK, we’re joking, but who wants to deal with counting calories first thing in the morning? That’s why the macro diet is genius: With a balance of carbs, fat and proteins, you’re on your way to a nutritious, diet-friendly meal. Here are 18 recipes to get your day started.

21 Macro Recipes That Are Meal-Prep-Friendly

Breakfast Caprese With Soft-boiled Eggs

Salad for breakfast? When it’s got melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella and soft-boiled eggs, it’s a no-brainer.

Vegan Spiced Blueberry Breakfast Cake

Cake for breakfast: It’s a thing, especially when it’s made with filling, good-for-you ingredients like almond butter, spelt flour, pistachios and blueberries.

Savory Slow-cooker Oatmeal With Crispy Bacon

A diet that lets you have bacon? We’re in. Add in some butternut squash, garlic and herbs, and it’s a done deal.

Skillet Eggs And Chorizo

We love waking up to the sound of sizzling sausage almost as much as we love one-pan, 30-minute recipes. This one’s just spicy enough to get us fired up for the day.

Ketogenic Baked Eggs And Zoodles With Avocado

Sure, these babies are keto-friendly, but they’ll appeal to non-dieters, too. They’re light yet filling and really damn cute.

Mini Spanish Tortilla With Zucchini

What’s a Spanish tortilla, you ask? Well, it’s kind of like an omelet with potatoes inside—aka our dream breakfast.

Healthy Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins With Lemon Blueberry Glaze

Coterie member Monique Volz has a trick for healthier muffins: Swap some of the oil for yogurt to add a boost of protein (not to mention flavor).

Egg And Veggie Breakfast Bowl

Veggies? Check. Protein? Check, check. We should also mention this recipe requires only 30 minutes of your time, and most of that is completely hands-off.

Everything Spice Egg Avocado Yogurt Bowl

Fun fact: Full-fat dairy—like the yogurt in this dish—is not only more filling but also lower in sugar than the reduced-fat kind.

Scrambled Tofu Breakfast Burrito

You don’t have to be vegan to agree that this breakfast has it all: It’s saucy, spicy and oh-so-convenient for busy mornings. And if you make everything ahead of time, it’ll keep for four days.

Petite Vegetable Frittatas

Coterie member Gaby Dalkin knows the key to our heart: a healthy, easy, make-ahead breakfast…in miniature form.

Green Shakshuka

Tomato-based shakshuka is undeniably delicious, but this version uses spinach for a vibrant and nutritious upgrade.

Hummus And Veggie Breakfast Bowls

If you need proof that kale isn’t just for sad lunch salads, it’s in this satisfying bowl of creamy hummus and nourishing veggies.

Eggs Baked In Tomatoes

The easiest way to rise and shine? Whip up a meal with two things you probably already have in your kitchen: tomatoes and eggs. (Turn on the coffee pot while you’re at it.)

Overnight Oats With Apple And Cinnamon

If you’ve never made overnight oats, you’re in for a treat. While you’re catching some z’s, they’re hard at work getting creamy and comforting in the fridge. And FYI, you can make them up to three days in advance.

Hibiscus Berry Smoothie Bowls

If you’ve ever dreamed of eating soft-serve ice cream for breakfast, this one’s for you. Except, you know, it’s vegan, gluten-free and actually good for you.

6 ingredient super green smoothie recipe
The Modern Proper

Six-ingredient Super Green Smoothie

If you look up “virtuous” in the dictionary, this bright, fresh smoothie is there. Thanks to pineapple and banana for a touch of natural sweetness, it goes down easy.

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Wholesome Five-ingredient Banana Bread Muffins

Swap out the flour for oats, use dates instead of sugar…and suddenly muffins aren’t the heavy breakfast bomb you’re used to. (But don’t skip the chocolate chips.)