‘Telenutrition’ Is the Latest Health Trend TikTokers Are Loving. Here’s Everything You Need to Know

If preparing healthy meals every day for you or your family is a regular stress point in your life, let us assure you that you are not alone. Which is why the Kroger Health Telenutrition services are catching the attention of conscious TikTokers everywhere.

It’s actually really cool: You can set up an appointment to meet remotely with registered dietitians and discuss your personal nutrition goals via a two-way video chat. They’ll give you professional recommendations for things like healthy alternatives and recipes, what to add to your grocery list, education on specific health conditions and tips for feeding your family nourishing foods while sticking to a budget.

Case in point above. They can even help you with healthy ideas for picky little eaters to make sure they’re getting the nutrition they need while eating meals they enjoy.

But Kroger Health Telenutrition isn’t just for families. It’s also increasingly popular among fitness influencers who want to eat well after a workout or kick off the day by eating something that’ll keep them going for hours.

The Telenutrition service costs $80 for an initial 60-minute remote visit (increasing to $99 for 45 minutes on October 1). Follow-up visits cost $40 for 30 minutes (increasing to $59 on October 1). There’s a chance your visits might be covered by insurance—check out the website for more info.

Bottom line: If you’re trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, learn how to grocery shop better or just do right by your family, sign up for a Telenutrition appointment with one of Kroger Health’s registered dietitians. It’s such an easy first step in meeting your personal nutrition goals and taking care of your health.

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