Kombucha and BBQ Just Married and Had a Baby Called ‘Booch-BQ’

What would you get if you crossed one of the buzziest drinks of the decade, kombucha, with everyone's favorite condiment? (We obviously mean BBQ sauce. Sorry, ranch.)

JuneShine, creators of organic hard kombucha, decided to marry the two to create "Booch-BQ" in honor of their new outpost in Austin, Texas, and to uphold their "commitment to keeping the Bat City weird." We're intrigued…

Celeb chef Spike Mendelsohn of Top Chef fame and former Iron Chef contestant Michael Colletti are behind the concoction, which is "sweet, sticky, smoky and a little spicy" and pairs JuneShine's classic Kombucha, made from organic green tea and honey, with a classic red BBQ sauce.

Sorta like avocado toast salad (?!?), guacamole cheese or hard coffee, kombucha BBQ sauce is something we probably would've never asked for, but are now so damn curious to try. Does it have a fizzy effect? Does the slight vinegar taste of kombucha complement the tangy sweetness of the BBQ? Do we even need to find out in order to buy ten bottles? (No, the answer is no.)

For now, the special sauce is only available via an Instagram giveaway (tag us! tag us!), but we're expecting to see the stuff available to purchase online in the coming weeks.

BBQ ribs and a side of fermented green tea? Don't mind if we boo-cha.

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