Heinz Just Combined the 2 Most Beloved Condiments into 1 Insane (and Genius?) Dipping Sauce

heinz kranch ketchup ranch condiment

Capitalizing on two of the most beloved condiments we can think of, Heinz just announced its latest baby—Kranch.

What’s Kranch? Glad you asked. Kranch is a combination of ketchup and ranch dressing, all bottled up in one neat little package.

This comes after the success of the brand’s Mayochup condiment (that’s ketchup and mayonnaise) and subsequent spinoffs Mayomust and Mayocue (mayo plus mustard and mayo plus barbecue sauce, respectively). According to a press release from Heinz, Kranch is a “mouthwatering mix of ketchup, ranch and a special mix of spices.”

Confession: We’ve never actually combined ketchup and ranch dressing in our own private lives. To be quite honest, it sounds a little unnecessary. We do love ranch, though…so we’re nonetheless intrigued by Kranch. What do you put it on? French fries? Hamburgers? After that, our mind veers into uncharted territory. Putting ranch on pizza is one thing. Putting ketchup on pizza…let’s just not.

We’d be remiss to mention that kranch is both ridiculous and ridiculously amusing to say out loud. And people tend to lose their minds over anything involving ranch dressing. Needless to say, we think it will be a huge success.

The “saucy sauce” (Heinz’s words, not ours) will hit grocery store shelves and online retailers sometime this month.

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