Ina Garten Just Renovated Her Kitchen After 25 Years, and OMG That Stove

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Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images

We’re highly familiar with the barn kitchen that serves as the set of the Barefoot Contessa’s TV show. But we’ve never gotten a good look at Ina Garten’s personal kitchen, until now. Our patron saint of cooking just revealed that she renovated the space for the first time in 25 years, sharing a glimpse in a new Instagram post.

“During the pandemic, I gave myself a project of renovating my kitchen, which I actually hadn’t done in 25 years,” Garten explains in the caption. Among the changes made, she says, “I built my dream pantry and bought my favorite Lacanche stove plus lots of food photographs and a great view of the garden.”

Let’s linger on said stove for a minute. It’s a black Lacanche range with eight burners and two ovens—if our sleuthing is correct, this Sully model, to be precise. The French brand dates back to the 1700s and is known for its handmade, luxury appliances. Before you add one to your wishlist, know that the Sully model starts at $17,550, according to the website. Imagine the roast chickens she’ll churn out.

“It’s so much fun testing recipes in my new kitchen!” Garten says in the post. With an oven like that, we bet it is.

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