The Trick to Making Kale Actually Taste Delicious

It's possible, we promise

When faced with a lineup of greens (romaine, iceberg, leaf), you know you should choose the kale but secretly dread its bitter, good-for-you taste. This quick fix changes everything--and all it takes is a tiny amount of prep.

What you need: A head of kale (or however much your salad recipe calls for) 

What you do: The night before you plan to eat your kale, remove the stems running down the center and chop up the leaves so they’re bite-size. Next, lightly dress the kale with 1 to 2 tablespoons of olive oil, lemon juice and salt (or whatever dressing you plan to use) and let it sit sealed in your fridge overnight. 

Why it works: The acidity of the dressing softens the tough texture and gives the kale a smoother flavor overall. 

Now all you need is croutons. Kale salad is served.

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