Your Ultimate Guide to Drinking Around the World at Epcot

Tequila lovers, start in Mexico. Crowd avoiders, head to Canada.

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Growing up in Florida, drinking around the world at Epcot is practically a rite of passage. Why go to a bar on your 21st (or even 61st) birthday when you can intersperse sampling drinks with a range of shows, thrill rides and internationally themed foods? That said, if you plan on trying a drink from all 11 pavilions in the World Showcase in less than 12 hours, you need a game plan. That’s where we come in.

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What Is Drinking Around the World at Epcot?

Epcot—aka the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow—features 11 countries encircling a lake at the center of the park, in an area known as the World Showcase. Each country, or pavilion (as they’re called officially), features foods, drinks and attractions inspired by that region. So, when you’re drinking around the world at Epcot, you’re essentially going from pavilion to pavilion, sampling a drink at each one until you’ve hit every one.

How Much Does It Cost to Drink Around the World at Epcot?

Prepare to spend at least $100 (most likely, around $130 to $150) to drink around the world at Epcot—just for the beverages. (A park ticket can range from $109 to $189, depending on the time of year, and food can be anywhere from a couple bucks to $20+.) Drinks can cost anywhere from $8 to $39 a pop. Most cocktails are around $12 to $16 each.

Where Is the Best Place to Start?

For years, people recommended starting in Mexico and going clockwise around the lake, ending in Canada. Because of this popular footpath, many Disney bloggers have started recommending the opposite—starting in Canada and doing the reverse. Our take? It depends on what’s most important to you.

If you are into tequila and want to try out the tequila bar in Mexico, [La Cava del Tequila], this is the best place to start, as the line is always long and only gets crazy long as the day goes on,” Vazmina says. The bar features more than 200 tequilas, as well as top-shelf cocktails, Mexican beer and wine.

Plus, it’s right near Epcot’s newest—and hottest—ride, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, so if you reserve a spot there first thing, you can hit up that roller coaster, give your stomach a chance to settle, then be first in line when La Cava del Tequila opens at 11 a.m.

If tequila isn’t a big draw for you, and you’d rather dodge the crowds, go ahead and start in Canada, and follow the list below in the reverse order.

Your Stop-by-Stop Guide to Drinking Around the World at Epcot

Two pro tips before you get started: (1) Pace yourself—and consider sharing a drink at each spot—so you don’t overdo it. (2) Ask for complimentary water with each order. You’ll need the hydration.

margaritas at the Mexico pavilion
Gene Duncan/Walt Disney World

1. Mexico

  • Drink to Try: Piña Loca at La Cava de Tequila or Top Shelf Clásica Margarita at Choza de Margarita
  • Why: Mezcal’s smokiness rounds out the fruity-meets-gingery flavors in the Piña Loca, creating a complex drink you’ll want to savor. But if the line is too long for your liking, you can’t go wrong grabbing a marg at Choza de Margarita. The Top Shelf Clásica features reposado tequila and a blank ant salt rim, though you can save a few bucks by going with a classic lime frozen ‘rita ($12.75 vs. $18).
  • Cost: $15 for the Piña Loca, $18 for the Top Shelf Clásica

Psst: If you’re looking to cool down, swing by The Three Amigos ride. “It is pretty cheesy, but there’s usually a pretty short line,” Vamina says, adding that you can enjoy a mellow boat ride and cool A/C before heading to your next stop: Norway.

drinking around the world: buildings of the norway pavilion
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2. Norway

  • Drink to Try: Nordic Draft Beer at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe
  • Why: You can’t go wrong with anything on draft. “Norway usually offers a short line, and the beer is pretty good,” Vazmina vouches, warning that the mixed drinks are a bit sweet.
  • Cost: $11

While you’re there, hit up Frozen Ever After and pad your stomach with school bread, a sweet roll filled with custard and topped with shredded coconut. It’s a fan favorite.

3. China

  • Drink to Try: Honey Hibiscus Hard Iced Tea at Joy of Tea
  • Why: It’s a boozy Boba tea! Gummy blueberry Boba pearls float in iced tea that’s spiked with light rum and sweetened with honey.
  • Cost: $12

Hungry? If you skipped the school bread—or prefer something savory—consider grabbing an order of egg rolls at Joy of Tea, or grab a Mongolian Beef combo platter at the Lotus Blossom Café nearby.

4. Germany

  • Drink to Try: Schöfferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen at Sommerfest
  • Why: It’s refreshingly crisp, especially when you’re baking under the Florida sun, and it’s not too bitter.
  • Cost: $11

“Germany and Italy are pretty popular, so your best bet is to just hop in line with a drink from another country,” Vazmina says.

italy pavilion at epcot
Walt Disney World

5. Italy

  • Drink to Try: Italian Margarita at Gelateria Toscana
  • Why: Yes, you could get a great glass of wine or a Rossini—strawberry puree and prosecco—but Disney superfans swear by the Italian Margarita, a frozen take on a classic marg that includes limoncello for an extra-citrusy kick.
  • Cost: $12

Expect to face longer lines as you wait for your drink at this pavilion. It can be a good opp to scour the Disney Parks app to check wait times on your favorite rides and plan your next move, should you decide to take a break from your drinking around the world adventure.

american adventure pavilion at disney
Kent Phillips/Walt Disney World

6. The American Adventure

  • Drink to Try: Tennessee Lemonade or Cigar City Jai Alai IPA at Regal Eagle Smokehouse
  • Why: The Tennessee Lemonade is a mellow mix of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and peach lemonade, and the Cigar City brew is a local Tampa beer that’s bitter, hoppy and citrusy (if you’re into that sort of thing).
  • Cost: $16 for the Tennessee Lemonade, $11 for the IPA

Real talk: If you’re not a “drinking around the world” purist, you can skip the booze at this pavilion. The drinks are pretty common to what you’d find anywhere in the States, and “not really worth the lines or the cost,” Vazmina says.

7. Japan

  • Drink to Try: sake at Katsura Grill or Teppan Edo
  • Why: The Japan pavilion is known for its range of sake offerings. If you’re having lunch or dinner there—and you’re a sake connoisseur—you’ll appreciate all the options on hand at Teppan Edo. If you just want to try the stuff, Katsura Grill offers less-pricey options, starting at $8.
  • Cost: $8+

If straight sake feels a bit intense, head to Kabuki Café for a sake slushy, which is essentially a spiked shaved ice. (Or you can skip the alcohol entirely and opt for a kakigōri—shaved ice without the booze. Technically, you’re still “drinking,” even if it’s ABV-free, right?)

morocco pavilion at epcot
Walt Disney World

8. Morocco

  • Drink to Try: Moroccan Mule at Spice Road Table
  • Why: Figenza Fig vodka takes this riff on a classic mule over the top, adding a delightful jamminess.
  • Cost: $16

“Morocco is a hidden gem,” Vazmina says, adding that the service is quick and all around, the drinks are delicious. You really can’t go wrong here. (And if you have the time, we totally recommend trying the hummus fries at Spice Road Table.)

france pavilion at epcot
Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

9. France

  • Drink to Try: Frosé at Les Halles Boulangerie
  • Why: What is this, 2015? Frosé is alive and well at Epcot, friends, and this version combines peaches, Côtes de Provence Rosé and vodka in a sweet-but-not-cloying way.
  • Cost: $16

Rather than start the day in Canada or Mexico, Vazmina and her friends tend to beeline it for the France pavilion. “They have great food and usually a frozen rosé drink, along with at least one wine option and a beer option,” she says. “The secret here (to us) is that at the Ratatouille ride exit—beyond the fountain—is a champagne bar and gift shop. They offer up a variety of champagnes at different price points and a champagne flight if you just can’t pick one.”

10. United Kingdom

  • Drink to Try: Bombardier Amber ale at Yorkshire County Fish Shop
  • Why: It's a crisp, malty beer that can taste refreshing after a long day at the park.
  • Cost: $11

Another moment of honesty: The Rose & Crown Pub gets a ton of attention here, but if you’ve been to an authentic pub, Vazmina says you can skip it. “If you must have fish and chips, the food stand on the side of the pub is worth the break, but only if the line is short,” she adds.

11. Canada

  • Drink to Try: Ottawa Apple at Popcorn in Canada
  • Why: It’s a fruity jolt of apple and cranberry juice, maple syrup and whiskey.
  • Cost: $15

Take your drink and walk with it to your next destination. And maybe a side of maple popcorn or poutine. If you’re ending the day here, Vazmina recommends heading to Spaceship Earth for a relaxing, low-key ride (plus, the lines are usually shorter there in the evening).

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