Cameron Diaz Shares Her Summer Crunch Salad Recipe (and It Pairs Beautifully with Wine)

We’ve been longtime fans of Cameron Diaz’s wine brand, Avaline. As much as we love sipping a glass of the new sauvignon blanc on the patio, sometimes our vino looks…lonely. That’s why we were psyched to see Diaz share a recipe for her summer crunch salad, which is designed to pair with smooth, crisp white wine.

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Diaz took to Avaline’s Instagram page to show her followers how to make the salad. “When it comes to meals in the summertime, I’m always craving something fresh and easy, and I love a great salad,” she says in the video. “So, we partnered with Goop Kitchen to create my perfect, delicious, crunchy salad. And it is full of so many great textures and flavor. And of course, I’ll be pairing it with my new favorite from Avaline, a sauvignon blanc.”

The recipe calls for lots of produce (snap peas! Persian cucumber! carrots! greens!) and a zingy, umami-rich blender dressing that’s totally vegan and made from pantry staples. It gets its luxurious texture from toasted cashews, while fresh ginger, fresh garlic, miso paste and tamari infuse it with plenty of zippy, spicy flavor. Diaz suggests adding a bit of liquid to the blender first, so the heavier ingredients don’t get stuck under the blades.

The salad is finished with fresh mango (because summer), buttery avocado, mixed herbs and fresh lime. And it’s not called the summer *crunch* salad for nothing, so she tops it with chopped cashews and puffed rice to boot.

Find the full recipe at Goop Kitchen.

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