If You Love the Always Pan, You’ll Love Theses 8 Kitchen Gadgets

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By now, you don’t need us to explain why we love the Always Pan, but indulge us for a second. Beyond being a ridiculously versatile pan that takes the place of everything from a skillet to a steamer, it’s easy to use (and clean), ethically made and damn cute. The only drawback? It’s frequently sold out. But it’s all good, thanks to a few equally useful, affordable and aesthetically pleasing direct-to-consumer brands we’ve found to fill the void. Here, eight kitchen products you’ll love just as much as the Always Pan.

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kitchen products like the always pan equal parts cookware set
Equal Parts

1. Equal Parts Cookware Set

What’s multi-functional, space-saving and high-performing? The Equal Parts cookware line is what. We recently tested the brand’s Fry Pan, Essential Pan, Sauce Pan and Stockpot, and were seriously impressed by the quality and utility of these pots and pans. For starters, they’re non-toxic and super slippery, thanks to a ceramic coating (even fried eggs won’t stick), plus they work on all types of burners. The two universal lids and stackable design will save you precious cabinet space, although the five color options are pretty enough to display on your stove. They’re also oven-safe up to 450°F and easy to clean. While not cheap, the full set will cover all your cooking needs and save you money.

Buy it ($325)

kitchen products like the always pan equal parts fry pan
Equal Parts

2. Equal Parts Fry Pan

If you’re not ready to splurge on the whole shebang, the Equal Parts Fry Pan might be our favorite of the line. The eight-inch cutie is ideal for a few fried eggs, a stack of silver dollar pancakes or a shakshuka for one, and it takes up minimal square footage when storing.

Buy it ($69)

kitchen products like the always pan made in saucier
Made In

3. Made In Saucier

This saucier is more traditional-looking than the Always Pan, but just as versatile. While the three-quart volume holds just as much as a regular saucepan, the sloping sides and wider opening make it ideal for reducing liquids (aka it can do double duty for risotto or marinara). There’s also no chance for ingredients to get stuck in the corners, and the long handle features a stay-cool design to protect your precious digits.

kitchen products like the always pan equal parts chefs knife
Equal Parts

4. Equal Parts Chef’s Knife

You can’t really put those shiny new pots and pans to go use without another essential kitchen tool, a chef’s knife. Most quality kitchen knives on the market will set you back at least $100, so consider this one a steal. The specs? The blade is made from German steel, which is easy to sharpen and care for, and the durable full-tang design makes it feel balanced in your hand.

kitchen products like the always pan five two silicone spoons

5. Five Two By Food52 Silicone Spoons

Most kitchen utensils aren’t designed to last. (We’ve lost too many plastic spatulas to hot burners to count.) But these silicone spoons and spats are designed to stand up to high heat and even your dishwasher. If we had to choose a favorite of the bunch, it would be the dual-ended spoon with a mini end for tasting—genius.

kitchen products like the always pan open spaces shelf risers
Open Spaces

6. Open Spaces Shelf Risers

Once you’ve upgraded your cookware, you’ll want to give it a proper home. These genius shelf risers from Open Spaces (the sister brand of Equal Parts) will double the surface area of your cabinets and counters, and they’re pretty enough to display on an open shelf. You can also use one as a Scandi laptop stand, drink tray or to maximize your pantry storage.

kitchen products like the always pan material the base knife stand
6. Material The Base

7. Material The Base

It looks like a very pretty utensil holder. It’s actually that and a little more. The wooden vessel—available in your choice of walnut, maple or black finish—has magnetic interior walls, so you can store your kitchen knives without dulling their tips. The angular design means you’ll finally want to show off all your gadgets and gizmos.

kitchen products like the always pan five two adjustable rolling pin

8. Five Two By Food52 Adjustable Rolling Pin

When a recipe directs us to roll the dough into a 12-by-12-inch square that’s a quarter-inch thick, let’s be honest: We usually just eyeball it. But this rolling pin has a few hidden tricks. For one, there’s a ruler etched onto the teak surface. But the coolest feature by far is that you can use the included silicone rings to roll out exactly the thickness you need.


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