10 of the Best Wine Fridges to Keep Your Rosé (and All Your Other Wine) at Maximum Crispness

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There’s nothing quite like cracking open a bottle of your favorite Oyster Bay savvy B after a particularly long day—and it’s even better when it's chilled at precisely the right temperature. While you could store your wine in the refrigerator along with everything else, a wine fridge will allow you to store, protect and chill your favorite whites, reds, rosés and bubbles at the exact temp they were meant to be enjoyed (not to mention save precious space in your regular refrigerator). Plus, you’ll feel quite sophisticated in the process. Essentially, it’s an investment every novice sommelier should be making.

The best wine fridges on our list have multiple cooling zones to cater to all your different bottles (though a less sophisticated model will do the job in a pinch or on a budget). We also considered bottle capacity, warranty and appearance when rounding out our best of the best.

What Temperature Should My Wine Be?

Not all wine is created equal, which is why it needs to be served at different temperatures for maximum enjoyment. Sure, there’s the classic 20/20 rule, which says that whites, bubbles and rosé should come out of the fridge 20 minutes before serving, while reds go into the freezer for the same amount of time, but if you're looking to get more specific, here are the ideal temperatures for the big three.

  • Reds: To make the tannins taste less bitter, reds should be stored between 60 degrees to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a bit cooler than your home but much warmer than your fridge. Otherwise, your Bordeaux will have a bit too much bite.
  • White: A full bodied chardonnay, among other whites, is best kept at 50 degrees to 60 degrees Fahrenheit to bring out the bold smells and complex flavors.
  • Champagne: For bubbly and drier rosé, keep things chilled between 40 degrees to 50 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve that fruity flavor and keep the bubbles fine instead of a fizzy mess.

The Best Wine Fridges at a Glance

How to Store Wine Properly, According to a Somm

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Best Overall Wine Fridge

  • Capacity: 65 bottles
  • Why We Love It: Celebrity favorite, vibration technology, multi-zone temps, voice control

If you're a true vino collector, there's no wine cellar more legit than the LG Signature, which is exactly why we deemed it the top dog of wine fridges. This massive appliance from LG holds up to 65 bottles and keeps them crisp for the moment they’re ready to be opened. While pricey, this thing is the cream of the crop—it has three distinct temperature settings, so your reds, whites and bubblies will be just right at all times. It also minimizes vibrations (which can disturb sediment and cause unwanted chemical reactions) and blocks light and humidity—just like a real wine cave. Add in the cool techy elements, like the InstaView feature, which lights up when you touch it, and the auto-open door, which pops ajar at the wave of your foot (or your voice, if you connect it to LG's ThinQ app), and it's easy to see why it's become a favorite of celebs like Olivia Palermo, who loves it not only for its massive storage and fancy features, but the sleek aesthetic that fits right into her home.

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Best Small Wine Fridge

  • Capacity: 52 bottles
  • Why We Love It: Wood-trimmed racks, convertible shelf for cans

Approximately the size of a mini fridge, we love that this cooler still manages to fit a whopping 52 bottles inside. While there’s only one temperature setting, it spans from 41 degrees to 64 degrees Fahrenheit to cover all your bases, regardless of which varietal you choose to store in it. There's an LED digital display that helps you monitor the temp, and the wood-trimmed racks make for a nice touch aesthetically and slide out easily, so you can quickly grab a bottle during the next The Bachelor commercial break. Additionally, there's a convertible shelf that lets you store cans (or even more bottles).

wine fridge large

Best Tall Wine Fridge

  • Capacity: 157 bottles
  • Why We Love It: Refrigerator height, two temperature zones, adjustable shelves

If you’re looking for something that can hold a year’s worth of wine, this fridge impressed us with its storage for a whopping 157 bottles. It’s freestanding, but at 70 inches tall, it should line up with your current fridge nicely. It features two temperature zones to separate out your reds from your whites, and you can also adjust the wooden shelves to best fit both your sauvignon blancs and thicker champagne bottles. Keep this in your entertainment room for an endless flow of vino.

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Best Mini Wine Fridge

  • Capacity: 6 bottles
  • Why We Love It: Space-saving, blocks UV rays

You don't have to be a huge collector to have great-tasting wine. This six-bottle option caught our attention since its just large enough to hold the reds you grab on your weekly grocery run or those more sentimental bottles you want to pull out on special occasions. It can be set between 46 degrees and 66 degrees Fahrenheit and at just 10 by 20 by 14.25 inches, it won't eat up all the space in your small apartment. Its internal fan keeps the proper temperature without too many vibrations, according to the company, and the sturdy door will prevent UV rays from seeping in.

under counter fridge

Best Under-Counter Wine Fridge

  • Capacity: 46 bottles
  • Why We Love It: Fits under counter, triple-layered glass, dual-temp zones

At 32 inches tall and 23.5 inches wide, we think this wine fridge is the ideal size to tuck under your counter for seamless storage in your kitchen (though the black stainless-steel exterior of this cooler is sleek enough to match a more modern aesthetic if exposed). It boasts dual temperature zones to cool both red and white wines, plus triple-layered glass (most fridges only have double) to keep out moisture and UV rays. It also holds 46 bottles with sliding racks for easy access.

sub zero fridge

Best Sub-Zero Wine Fridge

  • Capacity: 46 bottles
  • Why We Love It: Variable speed compressor, customizable layout, energy-saving option

A sub-zero fridge is designed to keep things at peak temp, humidity and freshness. This one's our favorite, since it uses a variable speed compressor and a convection cooling system simultaneously, allowing it to hit temperatures between 33 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s completely customizable, too, with seven wine racks that can easily be adjusted into 19 adjustable positions. For kosher homes, this wine cellar can even operate in Sabbath Mode, conserving energy when it’s not in use.

wine fridge dual
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Best Dual-Zone Wine Fridge

  • Capacity: 32 bottles
  • Why We Love It: Two temperature zones, easy-grab access at bottom

When you've got more than one bottle of wine to chill, we like this freestanding cooler with two temperature zones ranging between 41 degrees and 64 degrees Fahrenheit, plus sturdy, removable chrome racks. The bottom half is slightly larger, making it a good place to store your aging wines, while the top can be used for your less copious bubbles. Shaped like an angled bin, its bottom shelf allows you to show off a few of your faves or gain easy access to your frequently used ones, like your go-tosummer rosé.

wine fridge touch screen
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Best Touchscreen Wine Fridge

  • Capacity: 42 bottles
  • Why We Love It: Easy-to-use touch screen, sliding rack, kid-proof

You can set this fridge's single-but-accurate temp using this appliance's innovative touchscreen feature. The storage of this cooler is unique, too, as it arranges the bottles from front-to-back, so you can see your labels right by the glass. The metal racks slide out, too, meaning you'll still be able to get to the less show-stopping bottles. It also features a lock, so you can prevent even not-so-little kids from getting in there.

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Best Cheap Wine Fridge

  • Capacity: 18 bottles
  • Why We Love It: LCD screen, two-layer door to keep our light, adjustable racks

For the average wine consumer who wants a devoted spot for their vino that’s better than the refrigerator door, we think that this fridge hits the mark. At less than $300, it only holds 18 bottles, but doesn’t compromise on quality, with an easy-to-use LCD screen and two-layered glass door to keeps out moisture and UV light. You can also adjust the racks as needed to fit specialty bottles inside. The temperature, meanwhile, can be set between 41 degrees and 64 degrees Fahrenheit for the perfect sip.

wine fridge smart

Best Smart Wine Fridge

  • Capacity: 28 bottles
  • Why We Love It: Smartphone app, interior lighting

You can meticulously check the temperature of your wine thanks to the smartphone app that connects to this wine fridge—or conveniently drop it by a few degrees from the office before you get home. Right in the mid-range of sizing, this model holds 28 bottles and has a temperature range between 41 degrees to 64 degrees Fahrenheit, though larger and smaller models are available. And, like any good wine fridge, it's got the double-paned glass door to ensure insulation and protection from harmful UV lights that can alter the taste of your wine.

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