6 Products Olivia Palermo Swears By, From Her Skincare Staples to a Temp-Controlled Wine Cellar

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Olivia Palermo is an enigma. Just when you think you’ve got her pegged, the fashion icon-turned-reality-star-turned-model-turned-entrepreneur (wait, how many hyphens is that?) goes and changes up her resume again, trying her hand at something new. In the last 10 years alone, she’s built a fashion empire centered around her effortless ability to spot, wear and design timeless pieces, lent her sartorial eye to the likes of Project Runway, modeled for labels such as Banana Republic and Mango, and, most recently, created her own beauty brand, Olivia Palermo Beauty. “Our focus is building a beauty wardrobe similar to [how I] approach fashion,” she tells us at an LG Signature dinner in Napa, California. “I really find that everything I do gives me a better perspective on [my] different paths, and I love each one of them so much. It kind of helps me be creative.”

No matter what she’s doing, however, Palermo approaches it with the same keen discernment that she would when curating a style collection or immersing herself into a new character for a editorial spread. It’s a skillset that lends itself to all facets of her life—including shopping. Needless to say, the fashion mogul has become an expert at sussing out—and enjoying—luxury goods, be it a gorgeous piece of jewelry or a unique wine cellar. “I always look at the brand ethos, heritage, craftsmanship and quality,” she tells us.

Below, she dishes on seven products that fit the bill that she simply can’t live without.

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1. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

“I’m really religious with my skincare,” Palermo says. “I swear by my key dermatologist, Dr. Dennis Gross, who I’ve seen since I was 14, and Dr. Robert Anolik. I see them every week and every three weeks.”

According to the business mogul, the exact products she uses changes with her skin. “Your skin is always changing, so it’s really important to have that conversation with your dermatologist, where your skin is at,” she says. That being said, “My skincare really is Dr. Dennis Gross.”

Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Oil-Free Moisture Cushion, $60, Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel, $88, Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro Mask, $435

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2. 111skin Products

In addition to her Dr. Dennis Gross staples, Palermo adores a little-known brand called 111Skin, admitting she uses "a lot" of the brand's products, including these gems she's raved about on her blog.

111Skin Clinical Exfoliator, $70, 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Emulsion, $560, 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Serum, $600

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3. Lg Signature Wine Cellar

Palermo isn’t just a collector of couture. “I love collecting wine,” she tells us. And, as any true vino connoisseur knows, a great wine collection requires proper storage. Enter: the LG Signature wine cellar—a one-of-a-kind luxury appliance that holds 65 of the designer's best red, white and bubbly bottles at once thanks to its three distinct temperature zones. “I really like the temperature-controlled aspect of it,” Palermo tells us.

Sure, it's pricey, but this thing is built to minimize vibrations (which can disturb sediment and cause unwanted chemical reactions), block light and humidity—just like a real wine cave would. It’s also not too shabby to look at: “I like the design!" she gushes.

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Dr. Barbara Sturm

4. Barbara Sturm Hydrating Face Mist

When the beauty guru needs a quick skincare refresh, she spritzes on a setting spray from Dr. Barbara Sturm.

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Olivia Palermo Beauty

5. Olivia Palermo Lip Balm

Palermo’s latest purse obsession comes from her own line—a vegan lip balm that’s loaded with shea butter for tons of shine and moisture.

“We just launched lip balm, which is really nice for my guys and my girls,” she says. Yes, you read that right—the line is totally inclusive and tested on everyone. “Any new product we do, we always test on both sides,” she shares. “I like quality control—I like feedback from everybody!”

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6. Mimi So Jewels

There aren’t too many days where you won’t find Palermo dressed and ready to take on the world, pandemic or otherwise. “I was the person who woke up every day [and] got dressed [during the pandemic]… because it’s part of your mindset,” she says. “100 percent. I’m all for getting ready.”

Of course, no outfit would be complete without a little sparkle. Currently, the model is loving her baubles from fine fashion jeweler, Mimi So. "[She’s] a really good friend of mine, love her products as well,” she says.

Mimi So 18K Diamond Twig Wonderland Ring, $2,700, Mimi So 18K Diamond Pendant Necklace, $4,600, Mimi So 18K Diamond 3D Stick Earrings, $7,900, Mimi So Bow Diamond Bow Ring, $6,900

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