The 11 Best Proseccos for an Aperol Spritz (and Why You Shouldn’t Just Use Any Old Bottle)

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Ah, the Aperol spritz—a refreshing cocktail that goes down easy while still packing the punch you desire, be it for brunch with the in-laws, lunch with your boss or just a girl’s night out. As the name suggests, Aperol—the vibrant orange and bittersweet Italian aperitif—combines with bubbles to make this beloved cocktail. Alas, the former can’t truly shine without the right sparkling wine by its side. As such, we asked Eric Bachli, award-winning mixologist, brewmaster and co-founder of Le Moné, to weigh in on the best prosecco for an Aperol spritz (and yes, it really does matter which bottle you choose).

In fact, Bachli told us that it’s important to choose a prosecco or sparkling wine that has either no dosage or very little residual sugar (that means extra dry, friends) in order to balance the subtle sweetness of the amaro and produce a drink that’s “crisp, clean and refreshing with a tart finish.” That said, choosing the right prosecco can be a bit confusing—namely because prosecco has its own rather misleading labeling system. (Case in point: Extra brut proseccos are not necessarily drier than ‘brut,’ as you might expect, and are sometimes actually sweeter.) Don’t worry, though—just let our list of trusty proseccos and sparkling wines be your guide, and you’ll be sipping a perfectly balanced cocktail in no time.

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best prosseco for aperol spritz letrario dossagio zero
Wine Searcher

1. Letrario Dossagio Zero

Bachli’s number one choice is hard to find and fairly pricey for use in a cocktail. That said, it’s also pretty special. This zero dosage prosecco, a Trendoc from the mountains of Trentino Alto Adige, is an exceptionally dry sparkler that promises to make an Aperol spritz sing. (Psst: This wine is beautiful on its own, too, so we recommend limiting yourself to one spritz and enjoying the rest of the bottle as is.)

best prosecco for aperol spritz la vostra prosecco
Total Wine

2. La Vostra Prosecco

Folks rave about how smooth and refreshing this dry prosecco from Veneto, Italy is, which boasts subtle notes of peach and green apple. The taste is bright and fresh, but not so fruity as to overwhelm the palate (or an Aperol spritz) and numerous reviewers say it’s their go-to prosecco for making cocktails and sipping on its own.

best presecco for aperol spritz prosecco brut nv wild nature
Kings County Wines

3. Prosecco Brut Nv Wild Nature

Clean, bright and oh-so delicious, this bone-dry prosecco has excellent minerality and a flavor profile that’s just right for balancing out the sweet side of a bitter amaro like Aperol. Plus, this pick is organic and biodynamic, too—so it’s clean in more ways than one.

best prosecco for aperol spritz bisson bianco venezia frizzante
Slope Cellars

4. Bisson Bianco Venezia Frizzante

Don’t be fooled by the fact that prosecco isn’t on the label, that’s exactly what this bubbly is…and a damn good one at that. The producers of this sparkling wine are located outside the Veneto region, which is why it’s a declassified prosecco, but the grapes all come from Veneto’s finest glera growers. (Psst: Glera is the main grape in prosecco.) The end result is a particularly crisp prosecco with a bone-dry finish that’s hard to come by.

best prosecco for aperol spritz serata prosecco nv
Slope Cellars

5. Serata Prosecco Nv

This straightforward and budget-friendly Brut prosecco checks all the boxes—namely because it’s bone-dry (i.e., the key to a good Aperol spritz), but still has enough fruit to be enjoyable on its own.

best prosecco for aperol spritz gruet brut nv gold label
Slope Cellars

6. Gruet Brut Nv “gold Label”

Although prosecco is the type of sparkling wine traditionally used in an Aperol spritz, there are others with spritzing potential too, such as this bone-dry, mineral-forward and pleasantly biting bubbly from Central New Mexico.

best prosecco for aperol spritz dionysus cava brut nature reserva 2018
Slope Cellars

7. Dionysus Cava Brut Nature Reserva 2018

Another option for those who want to change things up a little, this dry, chalky and mineral-driven Cava works just as well as a Brut prosecco in an Aperol spritz and is downright impressive for the price.

best prosecco for aperol spritz mionetto prosecco brut
Total Wine

8. Mionetto Prosecco Brut

This big name prosecco is one of the most famous and easiest to find. It’s also budget-friendly and dry enough for use in an Aperol spritz, although its flavor profile is more fruit-forward than others on the list.

best prosecco for aperol spritz zardetto prosecco brut

9. Zardetto Prosecco Brut

Here, another solid choice from a major producer—the Zardetto Brut Prosecco is crisp, dry and reliable. It might not be as exciting as some of the small batch gems on the list, but it’s a widely-available wine that works well in all manner of sparkling cocktails.

best prosecco for aperol spritz bisol
Flatiron Wines

10. Bisol, Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene Superiore Brut Crede, 2020

Bisol is a family-operated winery dedicated to producing proseccos with serious integrity—like this one, for example. Tight and dry, with chalky minerality and a creamy finish, it’s perfect in an Aperol spritz and lovely on its own as well.

best prosecco for aperol spritz cava brut nature u 769 corpinnat 2018 ju 769 lia bernet
Kings County Wines

11. Cava Brut NatureÚ Corpinnat 2018 Júlia Bernet

Austere, crisp and plenty dry—this top-notch cava is an excellent alternative to prosecco that complements Aperol quite nicely in a spritz.

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