Where to Get the Best Iced Coffees in Los Angeles

Swap out that morning drip for an iced treat like these refreshing and smooth coffee drinks. We've got your primo lattes, Americanos and even your coffee-beverages-as-virgin-cocktails, from Santa Monica to DTLA. Getting wired has never been so cool before.

You Can't Live in L.A. Without Trying These Iconic Dishes

Chimney Coffee

This DTLA outfit brews its single origin coffees right over ice (that’s “flash brewing,” newbie) to amp up the flavor. Afraid ice cubes will water down your coffee too much? Add cubes of iced coffee for a buck.

1000 N. Main St.; 323-343-0030 or

Iced Americano At Alfred Coffee & Kitchen

This local chain is the Melrose Place of coffee shops: trendy, not cheap and easy on the eyes. (Makes sense that Melrose Place is one of the locations.) All that aside, it serves a mean iced Americano, thanks to beans from Portland-based Stumptown Coffee. So don your cold-shoulder top and order up.

Various locations;

Oji Old-fashioned At The Bradbury Cafe

The downtown location of Blue Bottle is inside the Bradbury Building (aka the setting for noir classics like Blade Runner). So it’s fitting that it has a cold bar that makes coffee drinks mixed, iced, poured, shaken or stirred. We recommend the Oji Old-Fashioned, an ounce of strong house Oji coffee, simple syrup made with organic cane sugar and jasmine tea and a twist of orange peel. Oh, you thought there was alcohol in there?

300 S. Broadway; 510-653-3394 or

Iced Almond Macadamia Nut Latte At Go Get 'em Tiger

This super-sceney Larchmont Village café serves the strong, acidic iced coffee that foodies love, thanks to a revolving collection of beans. This drink blends almond milk to yield a beverage The New York Times ranked among the nation’s best. (Coming from East Coasters…that means a lot.)

230 N. Larchmont Blvd.; 323-380-5359 or

Mint Basil Coffee Julep At Coffee Commissary

The coffee-as-morning-cocktail analog is a hot trend, and this refreshing herbal blend makes us appreciate how versatile our favorite beverage can be.

801 N. Fairfax Ave.: 323-782-1465 or

Iced Cold Brew At Funnel Mill Coffee

Mad-science tech (slow-drip through glass vacuum pots attached by coiled tubes) meets impeccable sourcing at this West Side café. All we really understand is this is strongest yet least bitter cold brew we’ve experienced. Get ready to get work done.

930 Broadway, Santa Monica; 310-393-1617 or

Iced Coffee At Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Not everyone is a coffee snob looking for a hit of 100 percent pure adrenaline. Maybe you’d prefer a smooth iced coffee with no bitterness and some milk and sugar. That’s this chain’s dependable claim to fame, and we’re all in.

Various locations;