6 Great NYC Candy Shops to Sate Your Sweet Tooth

Trick-or-treating may no longer be on the table (as of, oh, the past decade or two), but one of the best things about being an adult is the ability to decide when and where you deserve to eat candy. (Hint: It’s everywhere, all the time.) Load up your own personal sugar trove with treats from some of the city’s best candy shops.

The Chocolate Shop of Our Dreams Just Opened in Greenwich Village

sockerbit candy
Courtesy of Sockerbit


This chic Scandi candy boutique sells more than just Swedish fish by the ounce. Fill your bag with gourmet licorice and marshmallows, and colorful sweet or sour gummies shaped like skulls, lips and more. (We especially love the chewy rhubarb-lemon rabarberbitar.) Loose candy runs $14 per pound here, which may be the kind of financial encouragement you need to avoid downing it all in one sitting.

89 Christopher St.;

economy candy
Skye Greenfield/Economy Candy

Economy Candy

If you’re looking for sweets that bring out your nostalgic side, look no further than this antique Lower East Side institution dating back to 1937. Rainbows of bubble gum, imported treats and relics from your childhood (Pez! Fruit Stripe!) line the floor-to-ceiling shelves in what may be the most diverse sugary selection in Manhattan.

108 Rivington St.;

sugarfina candy store
Courtesy of Sugarfina


This stylish candy purveyor is known for its wait list–worthy rosé gummies, but you’ll find all manner of booze-infused, classic and seasonal gummy flavors in the signature transparent boxes at Sugarfina’s upscale shops. An in-store candy concierge will be ready to help you fill a bento box (you can sample a few flavors as you go), but you really can’t have too many of Sugarfina’s fashion-forward gummies. (They also make great gifts.)

Multiple locations;

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Sure, it’s touristy, but this candy mainstay is always packed for a reason: It’s full of treats! Over-the-top candy-themed cocktail creations can be enjoyed only inside the Willy Wonka–esque store, but expect to leave with unique treats like unicorn gummy kebabs, tackle boxes stuffed with confections and maybe even a Mean Girls–themed Kälteen bar.

Multiple locations;

Aji Ichiban Usa

An import from Hong Kong, this “munchies paradise” sells a slew of treats sourced from different parts of Asia. Sweets include candied ginger, Japanese hard candies, unique flavors of Oreos and KitKats, and gummies in quirky shapes like fried eggs, hamburgers and—in a nod to the dim sum delicacy—chicken feet.

37 Mott St.;

fferins of brooklyn candy
Fferins of Brooklyn/Yelp

Fferins Of Brooklyn

This recently opened neighborhood shop is run by a local family, making it all the more sweet. Stop in for Blue Marble ice cream, popcorn and a range of artisanal sweet treats made by local New York purveyors like Raaka Chocolate, Salty Road taffy, Anya’s Licorice and more.

438 Seventh Ave., Brooklyn;