You know that moment when you’re three drinks in and absolutely famished? Instead of stuffing your face with all the bacon and French fries you can handle (and will later regret), opt for these healthier options that could help alleviate the next morning’s hangover.

drunk food soup

Broth-based soups

As long as you’re not downing cream-laden varieties, soup is a great option. Chicken noodle replenishes sodium levels and also contains cysteine, an amino acid that helps your liver break down a headache-causing toxin found in alcohol.

drunk food bananas


These guys are loaded with potassium, an electrolyte that gets wiped out when you drink alcohol. Maybe even eat the peel, too.

drunk food whole wheat

Anything Whole Wheat

Whole grains are made up of complex carbs that absorb alcohol. They also contain B vitamins, which help prevent a dear-lord-why hangover.

drunk food pancakes1


Not quite as virtuous as whole wheat, but pancakes, waffles and other carby, delicious, often off-limits foods are actually kind of solid for a post-bar meal, again, because carbs soak up the alcohol in your system. Bonus points if you can avoid drowning them in butter and sugar.

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drunk food hummus


High in vitamins B-6 and C, iron and folate, hummus is a super-healthy way to satisfy your cravings for something oily without the added fat of, say, fries. Pair it with whole-wheat pita chips or veggie sticks for a snack that’s satisfying and good for you.

drunk food pizza

Veggie Pizza

While pizza isn’t exactly advisable, chances are you have or will be at a greasy pizza place post drinks at some point in your life. Don’t resist it; just be smart. Order a slice loaded with vegetables, and blot as much oil off the top as you can.

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