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You know that feeling when you’re looking at a hairy corncob or a broken egg yolk and thinking to yourself, OMG, what nowwww? The answer, dear friends, comes in the form of these nine new cooking gadgets, all of which make everyday culinary tasks just a hint easier.


The Onion Dicer

All the cutting gets done quick and all choppings fall straight into a tidy, little container.

Chefland ($17)


The Corn Stripper

Speaking of tidy containers, this guy shaves off kernels and collects them in a handy vessel.

OXO ($14)


The Spiralizer

Because zucchini noodles seriously belong on your fall menu.

OXO ($15)


The Tomato Slicer and Knife

Tomatoes, potatoes, onions, whatever--this gizmo holds them steady while you cut, one-hand ninja-style.

Joie ($12)


The Microwave Egg Poacher

Guys: Poaching is hard. This two-dish contraption gently lifts the unbroken egg right out of the water.

JosephJoseph ($12)


The Citrus Knife

Zester! Knife! Scorer! All in one place, always and forever.

Khun Rikon ($14)


The Finger Guard

Let’s say you want to kick it old school and actually use a real knife, not a gadget. This slips on a finger to protect your guiding hand from nicks. 

CHEFS ($8)


Spoon Stylus

Genius alert! You can use the spoon for tasting and the stylus for flipping through your iPad recipe.

Umbra ($9)


Corn De-silker

Because you are too important to take that silk off with your own two hands. (But seriously: This thing rules.) 

Amco ($7)

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